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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    Hi, I have a Inspiron 3650 dsktp. win 10 version 1703   The problem started after a "support assist remediation" update from Dell, and now 181 informational events saying" Windows installer reconfigured the product"-- successful application reconfigured-- all happened within eight hours and will not stop, its like a loop, same programs over and over. sfc scan shows no problems.  reboots had no effect. any ideas on what to try? thanks 

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    Hi all,

    Hope you can help me.

    I have an Vostro pc here with a problem with two missing drivers. The machine was not recognized by the service tag or by express service tag. Because the warranty was over, the technician could only help me for a short time and told me where to look. He gave me an url and it seems my machine is an Vostro 270 SFF and on this page  i could find my drivers. In the device manager I can see two problems, a network controller and a universal serial bus driver. Can anybody tell me which drivers i need to download?

    Hopefully you can help me with this!

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    I have a XPS 8500 with a Windows 7 Home Premium OS, 64-bit operating system. I have scoured google like crazy for answers with no luck. It's not in Ease of Access options, I have no options for such in Display settings or Keyboard, nothing of my Bluetooth is causing it, and even various suggestions of registry edits do not apply to me. 

    I am at my wits end. I find the notification to be distracting. Is it possible for a specific Windows Update to cause something like this? 

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    My dell inspiron , windows 10 version 1511, 64 bit , 4GB RAM, free space in C Drive 23 GB ,system has been running with an update issue for a long. I have raised the issue to the MS community. Please find the link My issue . 

    Dell update for drivers update is showing your system is up to date. 

    I have tried many things  as suggested by the MS community members but the issue is still there. Right now I am getting this error in the windows update page

    • Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB4015219) - Error 0x8000fffImage

    I have tried the following

    1 As the auto update of the system failed continuously, to install the cumulative update for version 1511 I've  downloaded the  update from Microsoft update catalog. Failed to  update.

    2. To install the anniversary update without installing the cumulative updates for version 1511 tried this one

    Download windows10 through Media creation tool . Both the option of  Update now and ISO file has been tried.

    In both the cases got the below error


    3 Tried to install in clean boot mode. The same above error.

    4. Tried to install in safe mode The same error,

    5 Tried Troubleshooting , no success.

    6. Tried to Reset windows update component and again check for update. Shows the error 0x8000fff.

    Creators update is already released Is it possible for me to jump from version 1511 to  the latest version of windows 10 ? ( without installing cumulative update for 1511 and feature update to 1607).

    If the answer is no than please help me to install the pending updates.

    With regards


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    My new 9560 exhibits inconsistent behavior upon lid opening. I have it configured to sleep when the lid is closed so I assume that is what it does. The computer should awaken immediately on opening and present the login screen and that is what happens when it has been left for short periods. However, when left for longer periods like overnight, the system appears to restart when the lid is opened. I don't know if it's coming out of hibernation or rebooting but it isn't simply waking up from the sleep state like it does after being left for a short period of time. Sometimes nothing happens when the lid is opened and I have to press the power button. Any thoughts on why this is happening? The system appears to be losing sleep status after being left for longer periods. Could this be a symptom of a hardware issue? It does this whether it's on charge or not.

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    So I just got this laptop few days ago.

    The problem: It restarts randomly, no blue screen, no error messages. It just goes into the Restarting process, including the screen where it says "Restarting". Basically kicking me out while I was writing documents, editing images, nothing system intensive. I have played the Witcher 3 for hours and it was fine.  

    This is very troublesome since it's very unreliable.

    • It is not Windows Update because WU asks you beforehand.and tells you after reboot that the system has been restarted,
    • I do not think it's the temperature because I have a monitoring software that says it's cool and a cooling pad as well. 

    What I did: (Note: I already turned off Automatic restart in System before those restarts happened).: 

    • Checked Event Viewer nothing special, checked Reliability History, nothing special. 
    • Did stress test using Dell F12 comprehensive tests, Dell Assistant tests, memtest86, Prime95, Unengine Benchmark. Can't seem to replicate it.
    • Ran File System Checker, HDD bad sector scan, etc.
    • Finally Re-Imaged the PC using the provided Dell Tool and Image for this laptop. And still it's doing it...randomly.

    Is there a program that closely monitors Windows 10 and actually tells you what's causing the reboot? It seems Windows 10 in consciously doing this since it's actually Restarting the Laptop normally so it should have appended the reason why it's Restarting, somewhere, it's not a power failure where it just shuts down abruptly. 


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  • 05/07/17--11:24: Reset the PC doesn't work
  • Hello.... I have a Dell Inspiron 3162 laptop, with Windows 10 home 64 . I wanted just to try and see if the Reset PC works and it doesn't . It said something alone the line it couldn't . I try the other Advanced Options and that too doesn't work . Since I did have a restore image I can't use that option .  So how or why doesn't work ? How does one restore the PC back to factory ? thanks

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  • 05/06/17--05:44: DESKTOP MODE
  • Hello, I recently bought a dell inspiron 14 3000 series and the experience is quite awesome but there is something im worried for the desktop mode for my dell seems to be missing I have watched tutorials where to disable and enable them but i failed I canrfind the desktop mode option the desktop mode option is at the right of the battery health right? i can't find mine so i need help

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    +nagios monitor:


    +The result:
    SNMP ERROR [temperatures]: Requested table is empty or does not exist

    Could someone help me ?

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  • 05/08/17--00:44: What is going on?
  • I keep getting the message "missing operating system". It was working fine yesterday and all of the days before that. I restarted my laptop twice & ran diagnostics twice. There are no error messages. Please help.

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    When  playing online games on Facebook, my girlfriends week old Inspiron 23" 5348 freezes up (cursor doesn't show, no response from keyboard.) She ends up having to manually shutting it down.

    When restarting the Dell Backup and Recovery screen comes on, asking if she wants to restore to factory settings or do a quick restore.

    This has happened 3 times in three days, each time quick restore was chosen. There are no problems until she plays games again.

    Has anyone else ran into this problem or have an idea on how to fix it?

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  • 05/11/17--05:40: Dell Inspiron 5758
  • I bought an Inspiron 5758 with Windows 8.1 installed but described as windows 10 ready. Worked great, fast to start up and quick to run software. After a couple of months and several prompts to upgrade WindowsI installed windows 10. Immediately it changed to take up to 10 minutes to start up or open pre-installed software applications, or completely hang if trying to create a new folder. Keyboard functionality changed with symbols no longer available or different to previous, couldn't attach files to emails using outlook - basically unusable which was a shame since we had spent £500 buying it and it was essential to my wife's business.

    Dell support said hey would only support at a cost of ~£100 as it was a software issue, though it seemed to be a compatibility issue to me. They suggested I should restore it which I did, but the laptop has never returned to its initial performance and is still almost unusable.

    Keyboard issues seemed to resolve themselves after several months, but the rest of the issues remain.

    Any helpful suggestions (apart from the bin as that would be a very expensive bin!) on how to get it functioning again?

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    dear all

    i have laptop dell latitude e5430 core I5 , accidentally i have formatted the laptop and everything has been erased and the key sticker has been removed and erased as well.

    what to do now? i wan to get the original key that came with laptop , i need you assist.


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    I have a Dell Inspiron 20 - 3052. It turned off overnight, and the powerlight is amber, instead of the normal white. I can turn it off, but trying to start again gives the same amber light. There's no apparent attempt to load windows, or anything. Yesterday, I got an alert from Dell that a BIOS update was available. I clicked on "Not Now" and forgot about it. After I went to bed, my wife was on the computer. When she finished, she says an update wanted to run, so she clicked OK, left the computer on and went to bed. I'm guessing that it was the same Dell BIOS update that I had declined earlier, since I had recently run all the MS Updates from 5/9.

    Question: Would a corrupted BIOS update give me the behavior I'm seeing? If so, how do I fix the BIOS when I can't get the computer to do anything. If not, who's got another guess at what my problem may be and how to fix it.

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  • 05/14/17--04:04: Formatting stucked
  • Hi there,

    Here's my problem. In January I bought an Inspiron 15 series laptop from Dell. Just to use it for some word processing and such easy stuff. Unfortunately my laptop went incredibly slow in a week or so. Therefore I searched a bit on the Internet what could be a solution. I bought a virusscanner. But could not find anything.

    On another forum someone suggested to start in Safe Mode in order to see if it is slow in this mode as well. I used the MSConfig tool to start in Safe Mode. But there i found out I needed another (administrator) password which I somehow didn't know (while I have a couple of standard passwords which I use all the time). I coulndt find a way out, and get back to normal mode.

    Since I didn't used my laptop that much I could simply start formatting without losing lots of documents. Maybe it would fix the problem of being slow immediately as well. So why not, I thought. With shift/restart I started a formatting process. First this seemed to go very well, but after while, when starting, it gives a message that the installation couldn't be completed in Safe Mode, and that i should restart. When doing so I end up with the same message over and over again. And know I am in an absurd loop. And again I couldn't find a way out, pressing F7 F10 F11, while restarting won't work. I tried everything. At the moment I regret everything I did, because I was trying to write my thesis on this thing.

    Could you please help me to find a way out! And fix my brand new laptop. Thank you for the support already.

    (By the way, isn't there a dutch forum? Couldn't find one. But English will do as well)

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    I'm trying to create a recovery boot USB. I downloaded the Dell Recovery and Restore zip file, then discovered a problem whilst following the instructions at

    Running it on a spare computer with Windows 10, at first, the Dell DirectKeyCreator would not start when double clicking on the Desktop shortcut. I managed to start the program by double clicking on the DirectKeyCreator application in C:\ProgramFiles (x86) 

    clicked on IDS_DISK_DESC, of which there were two identical items in the list. The program seemed to hang, so I stopped it. Now my passport drive won't work. Maybe it did something to the wrong USB connection. There were no warning windows saying that a drive was about to be compromised as this stage, nor in the instructions on the Dell website as in the link above!  

    is there any way that I can recover data from my USB hard drive?


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    My laptop is setup to automatically update to the latest version of Win 10 which I think is the Anniversary addition, when I select the updates menu. After 4 hours only 6% had downloaded so I had to cancel the update.

    I found something on the Win 10 site which says I can select the option to Defer Upgrades, by the Win 10 I have on my Dell does not have this option available.

    I am concerned that I am not getting all the security patches I need, but I cannot have my laptop downloading Win 10 anniversary if it is going to take over 24hrs to download.

    Suggestions please, getting desperate.


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  • 05/16/17--07:51: Dell Vostro 1540 RAM Upgrade
  • Hi,

    I am trying to upgrade my Vostro 1540  RAM 2GB laptop with: 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800,1600MHz.

    But when i push the start button, the laptop hang in a black screen.

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  • 05/13/17--10:45: Dell Inspiron 5447
  • Hi there,

    I have an issue with my dell inspiron 5447. Its bios shown LOCKED SETUP. please help me to reset it. My windows already stuck and I want to upgrade it operating system.

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  • 05/17/17--02:51: Num Lock wont stay on
  • I have a new Inspiron 5000 and whenever I boot up or re start etc, I have to press the Num Lock to enter numbers from the numbers keypad. I have checked the Regedit InitialKeyboardindicators and it is set to 2, but every time I reboot, I have to press the Num Lock again.

    How do I get the Num Lock to stay on after reboot.

    OS Win10 1607 which is fully up to date.


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