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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I want to perform a factory reset on Dell Inspiron M511R that came with Win7 preinstalled. Do I need Windows Product Key?

    The CoA label is sticked on the bottom of the laptop and after years of usage it just became unreadable. The computer is functioning normally so far.

    Can I get the WPK somehow? (The same or a new one.)

    Thank you.

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 1510 laptop - Windows 7  that has gone bad. I was able to back up the entire disk including operating system, using the Dell Direct USB Recovery thumb drive.  I want to install that backup to a Dell 3647 desktop - Windows 8.1. I have already backed up the Dell 3647 to external hard drive. Can I install the Dell Inspiron 1510 Windows 7 data from the Dell Direct USB Recovery thumb drive to the Dell 3647? Do I need to wipe the Dell 3647 disk first? I want to retain the Windows 7 environment.

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    I ordered a brand new XPS 8900 desktop with Windows 10 Pro. It came installed with Windows 7 Pro.

    The included OS disc says "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER". But it isn't!! 

    I checked the invoice, and it shows Item # 619-AHTY, described as "W1-P-DG7 ENG".

    Is Dell expecting me to clean install Windows 10 Pro on my own? If I do, where do I get the other software pre-installed on my system? 

    Help! Thanks!

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    This page cannot be displayed, or...Internet Explorer cannot display this page, and similar messages. I have an older XPS 420 with Vista that still fires up and works well. The default browser is IE9, but for sites that require something more I use Pale Moon browser Once a connection is made, I can listen ts streaming radio or watch and listen to YouTube music on it

    My newer computer has Windows 7 and IE11 and has the same problems...takes forever to load or requires multiple attempts to do. Some pages come right up, but if I press links on those pages it takes longer, quite often, or the page won't come up at all. Both systems worked find until a week or too ago. They both share an Actiontec PK5000 router, which shows that both Qwest Broadband and the ISP are connected at a speed of 2272/896 Kbps.

    This is all fed from the landline connection that doubles for my in home phone and router connection. I don't know what ot check next. It would appear that the problem is upstream from my location. My lines connect with the big metal box that sits on a concrete pad out on the street, and thence to heavens knows where. This box serves an apartment complex that uses the old fashioned copper wire lines. I don't do the wireless option on the router.

    Not getting any responses on Hardware Forum.  Any ideas what might be causiing this?. 

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  • 01/13/17--18:25: Windows Activation Question
  • I have a Dell Windows 98 restore CD lying around in it's original packaging. I also got a Dell OptiPlex GX150 that I'm fixing up. According to the service tag, it came with Windows 98 SE (Intrestingly, the part number on the plastic of the Windows 98 Media and on Dell's website when I looked up this computer's service tag are the same). Though, there is no COA on the OptiPlex and there aren't any sticky reminisce of there being one, though there are scratches around the marked position so maybe all the residue could have been wiped off. But I'm not even sure if there was one there to start with. Since I don't think my Windows 98 manual or CD has a product key, could it be that the product key is stored inside the computer? Or will I need to be fishing a Windows 98 product key from somewhere?

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    One.  I put in a new CR2032 CMOS battery.

    Optiplex 330: has motherboard integrated VGA and

    motherboard has PCI-E X16 slot.  I insert PCI-E X16 new graphics card onto 330's motherboard.

    Power supply is 600 watt, graphics card wants 300 watts, power ok.

    Format 1TB hard drive and start fresh, new install of Windows 7 64-bit.

    I install Windows up till SP1 and another 215 official Windows updates.

    All this time the monitor is 100% and is inserted into the X16 graphics card.

    Then, after hours of working, I get the blue screen with the error message

    NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error and upon rebooting

    Only 2 and 4 light up on the front panel.

    I remove the PCI-E X16 graphics card, allowing the system to default to the VGA attached to the motherboard,

    Still the exact error message with 2 and 4 active.

    No ways is there memory problems with the motherboard's VGA since it only shares RAM, no "personal"

    memory.  If RAM cards were faulty, problems would have occurred earlier.

    Ok, I can remove the hard drive, reformat and reinsert and try again with the new battery in place from the start.

    ISSUE: Optiplex 330 is only provided Dell drivers until Windows XP.  No official, tested Windows 7 drivers - that is the web page within Dell for Optiplex 330.  


    The advantage is use official Dell drivers allocated to my servive tag.

    Whatever Operating Sytem I decide on, I install the official NVIDIA driver quickly, not allowing any Windows

    automatic selection of graphics driver since I read that many with this specific error fixed it with drivers.

    Is Windows 7 actually Ok with my fault being not quickly overriding Windows 7's graphics driver with the exact, official NVIDIA card's driver?????

    Second fault was installing Windows 7 with a 2 volt (dead) battery.  Funny enough the dead battery appeared to

    not give problems.......   Perhaps it retaliated!!!

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Have a Optixplex  system I wish to install Windows 7 upgrade on, but I cannot do it, til Vista upgrades things, auto updates do not work, I have tried turning off services for updates and Background TP and empty the folder software distribution etc,  one googles this topic and you come up with many many posts and pages about it and none work.

    Anyone know of a sure fire fix, if I could do a clean install of 7, then I'd be right as I have the hotfixes for that OS that does the job, if anyone wants to know what they are, I can tell them, the KB numbers.



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    Dear Community Members

    Greetings. The Dell Laptop I purchased with pre-installed Windows 7 has product key pasted beneath the laptop. I would like to install a fresh windows copy due to some database issue. For that, I would like to have OS installation files. I tried on Microsoft site entering Product  key but was asked to talk about OS here. Could you please help me in this case ???

    Thanks & Regards


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    Awhile back I upgraded to Windows 10, 32 bit. I need help. I want to switch back to Windows 7, 64 bit.

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    I have a Dell Latitude D620 running Windows XP, the same OS as when it was new. I'd like to restore the computer to factory settings or get the OS as close to 'stock' as possible. However, I do not have a product key or an instillation CD, because the computer had the OS preinstalled. I have tried to boot computer from an earlier time, but it says there are no boot points. I'm not sure if there is a way to restore it given the conditions, but any help is appreciated. And if all else fails are there any downloadable 'programs' that would delete all unnecessary files not associated with the OS (like a contacts cleaner that deletes all the extra contacts but instead of deleting all the extra contacts, it deletes all unnecessary files to get a near 'stock' OS) , I'm not sure if this exists, or if they are even safe for the computer, but I am young and very new to Windows so thank you for all your help I very much appreciate it.

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  • 01/17/17--23:13: windows failed to start
  • Hello

    I have laptop DELL N5010 , windows 7 home basic .

    i  made upgrade for windows 7 home basic  to windows 10 then i returned  to windows 7 using factory format . Since this time ,i get this  message “ windows failed to start a recent hardware or software change might be the cause to fix this problem 

    1-        Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer

    2-        Choose your language setting then click next

    3-        Click repair your computer

    and i dont have the recovery media of my windows 

    i hope to find the answer



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  • 01/18/17--00:25: Lap is slow when start up
  • Dear Members

    When starting up till the Desktop is setting down my dell lap hangs for 2 - 5 minutes ... From where shall I start the Trouble Shooting please ???


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    I have a couple of problems with Windows 7 such as being unable to upload Upgrades.  I then found that I could not upload upgrades for my Dell laptop and wonder if the two recovery discs could be used to get me back to where I am able to fulfil this task.

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    I'll ask my questions first, which might give me the answer I can use to solve my dilemma (activation of 8.1), without burdening anyone with lots of info about my ongoing problem getting 8.1 to not go blue screen shortly after re-install.  I have done 6 or 8 tries at a reinstall.  

    Is my factory Dell Win 8.1 disc envelope, with seal on the back and the following sequence, US - ORGH4G -XXXXX - XXX - XXXX, or the  "Product I.D." (4- 5 number groups, from "PC" Info in 8.1) the same as a Key Code?  

    For safety, I have a C drive for the OS, with a D internal drive and a USB HDD, for backup.  When installing 8.1, would Windows put info on any of the alternate drives, that, if I changing drive letters to a different letter sequence, might cause problems with 8.1 functioning?  I don't like the default sequence created during installation.

    Thanks for any insight someone might have, and I can provide more info about what has been happening, if anyone reads this. Gene 

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    This seems to be simple but it is not. When I put my XPSs to sleep just move the mouse and they wake up. I dont want this.

    You should go to the mouse settings and disable the wake-up flag in the power management tab.But:

    • there is no power management tab;
    • if you use the command line powercfg -devicequery wake_armed, you get NOONE in reply
    • if you analyze the power events from the event log they are not all logged (I am expecting may in one day and I find just one).

    So I am considering that when the equipment is supposed to be in sleep, it really is in a different unknown state; only after some time (hours?) it really go to sleep. But this is just an idea.

    Someone can halp me in stopping bluetooth mouse to wake-up my computer?



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  • 01/22/17--08:03: downgrade to windows 7
  • I upgraded to windows 10 some time ago,my laptop is not running as I would like and I want to go back to windows 7 ( the month grace time has long gone). The factory restore option is no longer available.Any advice on how I can do this would be much appreiated.I do have all the dell disks that came with my laptop. My laptop is an  Inspiron,I am not confident in doing a clean re install but will do if I have to. Many thanks.

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    hi there, I was reinstaling my OS and drivers and when I downloaded the Bios aplication and run it to update it my laptop went frozen for about 20 minutes in the process of updating the Bios so I had to disconect it but now the laptop wont start at all, I was reading that there is a metod to recover the Bios from a usb and using Rufus, but I dont know how to flash the Bios from usb or what keys to tap, please help me here, Im worried because the laptop is not mine :(

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    Reinstall Window Xp from CD and was unable to login in to Window after activation.  I found a way to login but still show i had 30 days to activate Window.  Call Microsoft and they validate that my product key was good.  File c:\windows\system32\slui.exe is missing and they couldn't help solving my problem.

    Microsoft feeds synchronization  has encountered a problem and need to be close.  I do i remove this from coming on my screen every 30 seconds,


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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3558 laptop. Is there any way that I can downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7?  I can get an install disk, but I'm not sure if the drivers for this will support it.  Thanks!

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    I purchased Windows 7 to upgrade my OptiPlex GX260 system from Windows XP.  The problem I am having is with drivers and I am unable to change my monitor resolution and I am unable to download drivers from the internet directly.  Any answers?

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