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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I am looking for, but have not been able to find, the driver for Broadcom NFP (

    USB\VID_0A5C&PID_5805&REV_0101&MI_03). I have searched broadcom's website, dell's, google, all to no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Years back I have factory restored my alienware and since then I have: 

    1. Lost the installation discs.
    2. Deleted my recovery partition.

    I do have a product ID key on the back, so is there a way I could do a fresh install of windows, put it on a harddrive, enter my product key, and boot it off that? 

    I would not like to buy a new installation disc. 

    Thanks in advanced


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  • 11/13/16--13:56: Crash Hard Disk
  • Hello

    How to reinstall Windows 7 after crash disc

    on VOSTRO V13

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    Hi, can anyone teach me How to REPLACE / REPAIR / RESTORE DELL Factory Image mannual to my vostro. i belive the image has been Corrupted as when i try to resore it only blank display.

    My Sytem Info:-

    DELL Vostro 14 5468

    Windows10 x64 Pro.

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    Everytime I try to boot my PC (Dell optilex 755), this message will always appear and I can't install OS. My PC is broken and I tried to install OS from USB. I've used the usb to install OS on other PC too. It works fine. If it's possible, I wanted response as ASAP because I have an assignment to make.

    The message:

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    I recently acquired a Dell XPS 410 . It came complete with monitor, keyboard, mouse and all connectors.  I fired it up with no problems but a message came up informing me that it was necessary register with Microsoft. I entered the product key and a message came up that essentially said that this Vista pro was not an official product.  Another problem  is that the Hard drive had been reformatted.

    I followed the instructions to purchase another key. While Microsoft was mulling this over I was able to connect to Firefox and peruse the internet.  After waiting for at least 20 minutes for Microsoft to answer the unit shut down.

    I would like to keep the PC and install Win 10. But Is it possible?

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  • 11/14/16--23:07: Reinstall Windows XP sp2
  • I have an old Vostro 1400 that would get VERY hot. I took the heatsink out and cleaned it and now it’s working great. However, Diagnostics gives me an error code 2000-0146, which, from what I’ve read, is a problem with the Hard drive. (It ran hot for a long time)


    I want to replace the hard drive and install Windows XP SP2. (It is Vista right now, but I don’t have the install CD for Vista)


    I’ve got the XP install CD, drivers CD, Media Direct CD, and the Cyberlink CD.


    Will that get me up and running? Any additional advice is also greatly appreciated.


    Thanks, Robert



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  • 11/15/16--13:24: Need to delete phantom users
  • Hi there - I have a Dell XPS box, and it is locking up.  I've had someone 'look around' in it, and he found a couple of phantom users - they show up as users with really long strings in HKEY-USERS in Regedit, but when I try and delete them, I get a could not delete due to error.

    I really need to punt these guys to move on, so I can leave my desktop alone for a while without coming back to find it is so locked tight that I have to hold down the start button to force a restart.

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  • 11/15/16--14:27: Microsoft 10 to Microsoft 7
  • Hi

    I recently purchase Dell Inspiron 7000 and got Windows 10 with it.

    However I would like to install Windows 7 OEM as I use the computer everyday for work and it is simply the Windows version of my preference. Thus I have 2 questions:

    1. Can Dell provide me with a Windows 7 version or the ISO for it?

    or 2. If not, can you please tell would it affect my warranty if I purchase it myself?



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  • 11/16/16--11:19: ASPM on Dell Inspiron 7559
  • Hello.

    Why Active State Power Management is not supported on Dell 7559? Any plans to fix this with BIOS update?

    In Windows if I do powercfg /energy it reports the following: 

    Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled
    PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer.

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  • 11/16/16--17:05: New OS for old Vostro 1400
  • I want to put Windows 10 on my Vostro 1400, after I replace the hard drive I see Windows 10 disc on Amazon for $around $60. Is that a good idea? I also see XP Pro (Is that obsolete) for around $10. Everything I need seems to work with my current Vista OS, but the hardrive is bad so I wouldn’t mind a little upgrade, without spending much. It’s an old computer.





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    As of 2010, Dell no longer ships the OS CD on most consumer computers (. Dell has created alternatives for the customers to access OS Media and Applications.

    * DataSafe Local/DBAR (Factory Restore)

    * DRAR (Dell Recovery and Restore) KeyInCloud
    Note - DRAR will only work with an existing image on the HDD (hard disk drive). So it would not work with a blank replacement HDD or a format/clean operating system installed HDD.

    Notes - Download a recovery image of the OS customized for your Dell product. Dell customization of the Windows image includes:
    - Updated patches that address common issues for Dell systems.
    - Dell support information.

    The image provided in this download was configured to be bootable from either a DVD or USB. The recovery image contains the version of Windows that came installed on the computer as it shipped from Dell. If you have upgraded your operating system, you will need to reinstall the upgrade after you have restored your system to the factory settings.

    * Dell is unable to supply OS CDs once the computer goes "marketing" EOL (end of life). You must purchase the OS CD from a 3rd party vendor

    * Windows Recovery ISO Image (OSISO)

    * Software shipped with the system

    My Dell Downloads
    Dell Digital Delivery

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  • 11/18/16--14:33: Dell Update questions
  • Is there any way to get more information about just what the Dell Update app is doing? It had a recent update for a video driver, for example. It was for the built-in Intel video, which is not used. This computer has an nVidia card. There was no way to tell it to just ignore it, so I was more or less forced to let it download and install.

    I'm worried if it came up with something that I didn't want to install. It seems like the only way to stop it would be to totally uninstall the program, which defeats the purpose.

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    In case I have a new HDD.

    P.S.: I've created backup image of my HDD but just asking whether it's a better solution or a solution for people who didn't do the same.

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    I upgraded Windows from 7 to 10 successfully.  My current BIOS is A13, 9/5/12.  I am having a problem with Wi-Fi dropping and Dell suggests I update the BIOS.  However because I have an older laptop my WINDOWS 10 is not supported.  

    How do I determine if I have the correct BIOS?

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    Hello, i have a dell inspiron N5110 laptop that i formatted and installed windows 7 32bit. I installed most of the drivers but need a few more:

    - Generic Bluetooth Adapter

    - Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

    Also, drivers for imaging devices show:

    Integrated Webcam, (device working properly), and

    Lexmark X422 (This device cannot start)

    but i don't know how to use or turn on the camera.....can anyone help me out with these problems?

    Thank you

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    I too have this problem when the Windows 8.1 would start up. I have a 64-bit operating system on this laptop and not really sure as to what to do. Any suggestions? 

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    I've recently bought a refurbiished Dell Latiture E6430, which came with win7 pro x64. As I don't have full trust to the vendor, I've decided to reinstall OS, from the Dell's DVD (win7 pro x64 glb polish). Of course drivers detected for my tag are installed (and updated through "Dell Control | Update".

    However, with reinstall I've lost ability to control how the battery is maintained. As I understand, this shall be provided by "Dell Control | Power Manager". Prior to reinstall it worked. But this app is not detected for my service tag. I've tried to install various versions that were available for this model, including recent



    (w32 but both theoretically are "32bit executables for 64bit architecture")

    They won't install returning error 25025 (unsupported system). Any ideas how to tackle this?

    I suspect this is not a hardware issue, as battery management worked prior to system reinstall.

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    I am not Windows person, I am a Linux, Unix and Mac person but my best friend's father recently got  a refurb\ed by Dell. Dell Lattitude E6330 laptop with Wnidows 7 Professional SP1 installed on it and I am the most computer knowledgeable person they know so I am supposed to get it setup.

    As delivered by Dell this system will not do a WIndows Update. This to me is totally outrageous but outrage aside does anyone know how I can fix this?

    It s an i5 with 4GB RAM but the 32-bit version of  Windows 7 Professional. I have downloaded the WIndows Update problem detector and run it but I cannot get Widows to update.  am sure I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Take pity on a poor soul..

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    i made some screenshots to show you what is missing from windows device manager driver  update

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