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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I am currently working on figuring out the best method for imaging different models of HP Computers. Currently for laptops we typically use the Lattitude series and the Precision m6600. For desktops we typically run 490, t5500, abd optiplex series.

    I created an image that seems to run well with the optiplex series using WinPE and a cab file from dells support page.

    I now am trying to see if I can get a similar thing going with the latitudes but from looking at the dell support page for cab files, it shows WinPE version 5.x (A05), 4.x (A06), 3.x (A17), 2.x(A00),  while the lattitude e6420 uses A12.

    Is there a workaround or a better way of implementing an imaging solution? Currently we have been imaging by placing a windows repair disc in the computer, and restoring a backup (which is our image). This process can take about 30 minutes and isn't as easy to manage as WinPE deployments.

    Need input / advice.

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    Hello.. I got update of windows 10 and installed it today on my Dell inspiron 5547. But it was upgraded over windows 8.1 and it did not gave me option for clean install. How can i clean install it?

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    Here we are on July 29.  I have signed up to reserve an upgrade to Windows 10, but do not want to lose my internet connection.  Is there a driver available?   More basically, how do I know whether my Inspiron 17R is equipped with the driverless broadcom virtual wireless adapter, or with some other wireless adapter for which I would need a different driver?

    Thanks, Dell.

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    I re-installed windows on my desktop and the product key isnt activating windows, Help please.

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    Hello there, I've got a rather simple situation/question.. so I'll keep this relatively short;

    TLDR; I'm using Win 7 64bit Home Premium, How long will Windows be giving me the opportunity to make a free switch over to Win 10?? and would it give me another 64bit home Premium or just a very basic version that I'll have to upgrade in a few months. (Please note if there is no definite time frame... just knowing I have like a month, to decide, would be sweet.)

    I put together my current computer back in 2010/2011, was much more of an involved techy back then. All components are from back then, oldest part tho is my GPU which I kept from my previous build cause it still worked well (and still does rather alright, it's a 1023MB GeForce GTX 460 SE (Gigabyte)) .. the computer is from the era of DDR3 ram, and I may be wrong.. but I've heard things have evolved to DDR4. 

    SO my comp is most definitely not a super updated piece of equipment and I'm not sure if there's so much of a point to grabbing windows 10. I'm the kind of guy that decides when something works smoothly for me, I stick with it.. until truly convinced otherwise. (typically the convincing must be done by an RL friend) <---Like when my buddy showed me Win 7 and I realized it was time to make the move from Windows XP (Since my father kept getting Vista computers, and that OS was just terrifying lol)

    What I use my comp for

    -occasionally getting into games like Terraria with old chums

    -playing nice solo games

    -online research

    -as well as Social Media when I get frustrated with my Mobile Device for not being as nice to use as my desktop

    -very very very little PhotoShop

    What I'll be adding to my comp in the near future

    -1 maybe 2 sticks of 4gb ram (currently using two 4gb Single-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (11-11-11-28) sticks 

    -A new graphics card... but maybe ill get like a 800 or 900 series, in like a 2016 Boxing day sale. Yes I said 2016, making travelling plans for next summer, so If I feel the need for an upgrade it'll be after that.. most likely

    Anyways thank you for reading this post, and seriously.. any and all help/reply to this will be greatly appreciated. Take care, peeace! (Heading out the door... don't have time to edit, coming back home in like 4-5 hours)

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  • 07/27/15--22:43: Dell lost my Windows COA
  • I wonder if you can help me. My Inspiron 17-3721 laptop with Windows 7 Professional was sent to the Dell Repair Depot because its touchpad broke. The repair went fine, but my laptop was returned to me without the stickers which were on the front and reverse sides of the palm rest. (The battery compartment is the reverse side of the palm rest, I believe.) The Windows Certificate of Authenticity, Windows 7 sticker, Intel sticker, etc., are all missing. My best guess is that they were thrown out at the Depot along with the palm rest which they were attached to.

    I have now spent over 2 months in discussions with Dell Technical Support, trying to get at least my COA back - or have it replaced with a new one. I believe it is important to have this certificate, for many reasons. Dell insists that I can get the COA numbers through a program like NirSoft ProduKey. I don't believe that to be true, since my operating system was installed by Dell. The key finder software would only detect the generic Dell product key, wouldn't it? Dell is offering to send me a blank "replacement COA" with the key found by the software written on it. Am I correct in thinking that this would be the wrong product key? Their only other option, they say, is to replace my laptop, but, according to Dell, the replacement Windows 7 system would probably have no COA on it. Replacing a laptop without a COA with another laptop without a COA sounds silly to me. Then there is the matter of having to do an awful lot of work transferring all my stuff to a different computer, losing the warranty which I have paid for, and potentially getting a second-hand laptop with problems. I haven't been able to convince Dell that the key finder software is coming up with the wrong key, despite sending them links to articles and examples in the form of ProduKey results and COA numbers from my other laptop. I have sent Technical Support links to Microsoft's OEM Partner Center, where there is advice on replacing COA's. Technical Support tells me that there is nothing more they can do.

    This is an open case, so I have been hesitant to involve others, until now. I felt that the team deserved the chance to do their very best. Now it seems we have reached the end of the road. Am I understanding the issue correctly? How can I convince Dell of that? What can I advise Dell's Technical Support to do if they want to replace my COA with a new one? Your ideas and advice are much appreciated.

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    When I bought this Dell laptop, it came pre-installed with Windows 7.

    Later I upgraded to the trail version of Windows 8. After using it for about 2 months, I changed the OS to Ubuntu. 

    But now, I want to get back the original Windows 7 ( so that I can upgrade to Windows 10 for free).

    But I don't have the laptop box which contains all the CDs and stuff.

    How can I get a premium copy of Windows 7? 

    Can I directly download it from Dell website? Or should I download a non-legitimate copy from Internet and then use the Key to make it legitimate ? ( But then, how do I find the key? )

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    We have bought 5 new laptop latitude E7250 windows 7 64 bits, at the first start, after windows was installed.

    I have restart the system, and after administrator password is required.

    SN : <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>

    Please note that we are located in Madagascar calling Dell office is not possible



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    I have an XPS 27 – 2720 with Windows 8.1 Pro installed. I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO file and sucessfully installed on a Dell XPS15, not I want to upgrade to my XPS 27 but Windows 10 will not recognize the Key installed OS. .

    Any help in getting this worked out would be appreciated. I do have a valid copy of 8.1 installed.

    Many Thanks


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    I tried to upgrade my os to Windows 10 and it failed. I therefore called Microsoft tech support and they remoted in my laptop. They then proceeded to check my product ID under my computer system properties.

    Their conclusion, my Win7 key is invalid to them (even tho it is activeted successfully). Apperently, the key is in a block list because it is a preinstalled BULK key from a constructor with a company liscence. They told me to contact the provider of the Laptop to get a new one.

    So Here I am!


    Alienware 14 (2013 model bought in 2014)

    Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

    Activated successfully. (OEM Preinstalled key)

    wanted to update to Windows 10 (failed).


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  • 07/30/15--10:49: ANY HELP
  • I have a Dell Demension 4400 2ghz Processor 2gb Ram, and cannot seem to load Windows 7 Professional as it says I need drivers. I have heard this can be done, looking for any help in this regards.

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  • 07/30/15--12:42: ANY HELP
  • I have a Dell Demension 4400 2ghz Processor 2gb Ram, and cannot seem to load Windows 7 Professional as it says I need drivers. I have heard this can be done, looking for any help in this regards.

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    My Wife has an Inspiron N5050 with Windows 7. Yesterday after working on it all morning getting airplane reservations, I turned it back on and it would not take my password to access the computer. The message stated was "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. The User profile cannot be loaded." There was a box below the message that had an OK in. When I clicked on the OK, it went back to the log-in password page.  What can we do to fix it?

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    works really well together, i recommend the upgrade

    i have everything working on it, driver wise and software wise



    4gb ram

    120gb samsung ssd

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    A while ago i tried the ctp version of windows 10 on the E6540

    Then i ran into issues with the ethernet and wifi. In short it didn't work.

    I upgraded form win8.1 where they where both functional.

    Yesterday I tried the rtm version of Windows10, Still the same issue.

    No internet for my laptop. I searched for drivers on your Drivers and support section.

    Where is stated the E6540 is Win10 compliant. Could you point me to the right drivers ??

    The ones that where suggested to me yesterday didn't work.



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    Dell has not confirmed INSPIRON 15R N5010 for Windows 10 Upgrade. But if I Upgrade this Will it affect my Laptop. Also I would like to know that whether Dell is going to confirm or not N5010 for Windows 10 Upgrade.    

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    Have 3 dell Latitudes, Used same re-installation Win 7 SP1 dvd on all 3, they all say activated, do I need to manually put the Key from the sticker in (dont see an option), or are they all fine, so i can upgrade them to Win 10?

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  • 07/31/15--10:15: Corrupted Win 7
  • I am getting a message that some win 7 files are corrupted. I have a Recovery disk I created 4 years ago. If I run that and select Repair will it delete all my other programs?


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    My laptop is locked because the user password has been changed. i know the bios password by that doesn't seem to help. How can I change, reset, or recover the password without purchasing a program?

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  • 07/31/15--17:04: Question of resolution
  • Hey guys, I just reinstalled my windows 7, but then I found that the font size and icon are too small for my 1080p screen. When I zoom it in to 125%, the font was good but some apps were fuzzy. I didn't have this problem before I reinstalled the system. Could anyone help me out with it? Thanks:P

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