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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    Hi All,

    Windows 7 - Blue Screen Crash - STOP: 0X000000F4

    Screen shows e Blue Screen would display the following error code:

    STOP: 0X000000F4  (0X0000000000000003, 0XFFFFFA800C4C4B10, 0XFFFFFA800C4C4DF0, 0XFFFFF8000418FE20).
    I tried to restore mode, safe mode & all available option to boot-up properly.  Since i don't have windows 7 DVD to re-install windows again.
    My question is as follows-
    - Is error code says something,
    - Any way to re-install windows without CD or DVD or back up image.
    - Also i can read & access C: & D: drive data in cmd prompt mode during restore mode.
    Waiting for your suggestion.
    Jagdish kaushik

    (Please visit the site to view this file)

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    In Windows 7 the icon for IE is in the taskbar. In my other computer using Vista, this icon sits on the desktop and pressing it brings up which is my home page. I would like to get this application to open from my desktop instead of from the taskbar. Hovering over the IE icon on the taskbar brings up small representations of open pages, which can get confusing at times.

    Is there a procedure to fix this? If I am working a document and need to look something up I lose what I am working on going back and forth from page to page, since the icon on the taskbar only brings up the pages that are already open. Thanks for any suggestions,

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  • 07/21/15--07:13: Increasing Page Size
  • The Dell Forum pages on my computer with Windows 7 sit on a wide screen with empty gray areas to the left and right. Is there a way to increase the size of the page and/or fonts similar to that which was available in earlier versions of Windows.

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    I am wondering if a Dell "Windows XP x64 Professional" Dell reinstallation CD will install on a newer Dell laptop that has OEM Windows 7 professional on it, with another product key? I am aware of the driver issues and AHCI/Sata hard drive issues with XP 64 bit. I am wondering if it would work, and let me downgrade the Windows 7 to Windows XP x64 (64 bit XP) with the Dell reinstallation CD since they are both Dell. Thanks.

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    I am posting this for benefit of anyone else who has same problem, as I could not find an answer anywhere on web searches that matched my exact problem.

    The hard drive (*** 640MB) failed on my Inspiron 15R (N5010). (Disappointing after only 5 years just sitting on my desk). Anyway, found instructions on net to replace hard drive. Bought a 1TB drive and installed.  (Would be nice if DELL had easy access to replace hard drive). Reinstalled Windows by booting to the original DELL Datasafe Bacxkup Recovery disks for factory restore that I created when I originally bought my DELL. This all worked fine (Thankyou DELL). Downloaded and installed Windows 7 SP1, and then all Windows 7 Updates (over 200 since SP1)! (Note I did have a Windows System Image Recovery Backup, but as I did this after disk failure started, it may have been corrupt, which is why I decided to rebuild from factory restore recovery disks).

    Then I looked at Disk Management and found I only had a very small logical D: drive (2MB) I think.

    I deleted this, thinking I would simply be able to create a new D: drive in the 800 odd GB I had spare on my 1TB drive.  But Disk Management said could not create New Simple Volume, as maximum number of partitions already existed. After much research and reading, I used the Windows DISKPART utility. By select DISK 0, and LIST PARTITION, I found there was still the Extended Partition of about 2MB following the C: partition. This had a Partition number of 0. (This does not show up at all in Disk Management)! So in DISKPART, I did SELECT PARTITION 0, then DELETE PARTITION. I was then able to go back into Disk Management and right click on Unallocated space to right of C: partition and create D: Drive to use rest of my 1TB hard drive.

    As another observation, after using the DELL Recovery Disks to recover onto a larger hard drive, there is 5.55GB of Unallocated space after the initial OEM partition, and before the Recovery and C: Partitions.  I suspect this happens with the DELL recovery, because it was onto a 1TB drive and not a 640GB drive. I'm just leaving this as is.

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    My Inspiron 17R has contracted a BIOS virus. Dell is saying the only solution is to replace the motherboard. I'm not satisfied with that answer. I think if I reflash BIOS from DOS prompt before the operating system loads that it can be removed. I tried to execute "N7110A13.exe" (BIOS for my laptop) from a bootable USB drive but it said that it cannot be run from DOS. Is there a BIOS version out there somewhere that CAN be executed from DOS?

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  • 07/22/15--08:14: Lost OEM Windows Disc...
  • Hey, guys.

    I've owned an Alienware desktop computer from new for the past almost-five years, and I've been performing clean OS installs each year or so in order to keep the computer running smoothly. However, I misplaced the disc for installing the OS the last time I did it, and so I tried installing the OS using another disc that I have - but, because it's supposed to be done with an OEM disc, it's now saying I'm not running genuine Windows.

    The operating system I have is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and I was wondering if there's any way at all that I can either get some replacement discs or download a Dell/Alienware image from somewhere (legally, of course - I'm not asking for illegal methods!)?

    Especially since Windows 10 is coming out in a week and is going to cost £100 to upgrade if I don't get this sorted, I'd quite like it sorting, if possible, please!



    PS: I'm out of warranty - and I found this out when I tried to order some replacement discs online.

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    I am running Win 7 on my laptop. My Delll HD died but I had imaged it. I installed a new Dell HD, but larger that the original. I re-imaged to the new HD now I am getting a warning message that  my Windows is NOT GENUINE. and I can't get around it. I have the Product Ke but can't figure how to enter it.

    Any ideas?


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  • 07/22/15--20:43: Window vista not booting up
  • I am continuing with Window vista os on my dell inspiron model for the last six years and it was working perfectly alright. Few days back my laptop got fallen down from the low height(2 feet) table in the on position. No physical damage but laptop got off. After switching on it is not booting up and says kernel got corrupted. Pls insert the windows back up CD for fixing the problem. My problem is that I have misplaced the window vista CD provided by dell. What is the way out to start my laptop and recover my data from the laptop.

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    When I turn it on, all I get press a Ctrl Alt Del message.

    I have the original Windows Cd and tried to install it using an external DVD drive. It will boot to the drive and say it is starting Windows.Then the screen goes black excepf for a white arrow. Thats it.

    Is the drive toast or... ?

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    I´m thinking of cloning my hard drive and because some old program I have both Win XP Prof 32-bit and Win 7 Prof 32-bit installed on C. and W:

    Is there som concerns when cloning and what should I think about



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  • 07/25/15--13:06: Computer password forgotten
  • This Inspiron 545 was stored for a year and the password to login has been lost. How can I reset the password? The operating system is Windows 7.

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    Wi-Fi and HD not functional. want to replace both with external appliances as a cheap fix will it work, any special procedures involved? 

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    Sorry, I am sure this has been asked, but I could not narrow search. i've installed ubuntu in my latitude e6330 and now i want to get back to win7 , I don't have the original disc . I have the product key but no tech support.

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    I'm installing a  new hard drive in my laptop (N7010). Can anyone tell me how many reinstall discs are needed to do this. I have the 3 discs (blue, gray, green) is this all this is required to complete the reinstall?

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    Have a 2008 Precsion T7400 with 24GB RAM and the machine randomly freezes either

    during BIOS POST or SAS Boot.  Also, it has started to report 20GB RAM and that the system RAM

    has changed.  I am running ubuntu 15.04 , although its not getting that far.

    Also the front panel diagnostics have solid green for 1 and 2, which according to the manual
    is a expansion card issue (have not opened the machine for 2 years)

    Also have not changed any batteries or RTC

    I have not done anything recently, other than upgrade to Ubuntu `14.04 to 15.04

    2 video cards, but only use 1


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    Hi everyone, can someone help me with this question? So basically, I have the Windows 8.1 Pro Retail version(Which allows me to build another computer, and use the same license key, as long as only one have the Windows Installation, and is purchased from a store instead of coming with the computer). I Understands that I will be receiving the Windows 10 Pro, since I am upgrading from Windows 8.1 Pro, BUT am I receiving the RETAIL version(The store version, and allows me to modify my computer however I like), or will I be getting the OEM(System Bound/Original Equipment Manufacture) version? Thanks!

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  • 07/27/15--22:43: Dell lost my Windows COA
  • I wonder if you can help me. My Inspiron 17-3721 laptop with Windows 7 Professional was sent to the Dell Repair Depot because its touchpad broke. The repair went fine, but my laptop was returned to me without the stickers which were on the front and reverse sides of the palm rest. The Windows Certificate of Authenticity, Windows 7 sticker, Intel sticker, etc., were all missing. My best guess is that they were thrown out at the Depot along with the palm rest which they were attached to.

    I have now spent over 2 months in discussions with Dell Technical Support, trying to get at least my COA back - or have it replaced with a new one. I believe it is important to have this certificate, for many reasons. Dell insists that I can get the COA numbers through a program like NirSoft ProduKey. I don't believe that to be true, since my operating system was installed by Dell. The key finder software would only detect the generic Dell product key, wouldn't it? Dell is offering to send me a blank "replacement COA" with the key found by the software written on it. Am I correct in thinking that this would be the wrong product key? Their only other option, they say, is to replace my laptop, but, according to Dell, the replacement Windows 7 system would probably have no COA on it. Replacing a laptop without a COA with another laptop without a COA sounds silly to me. Then there is the matter of having to do an awful lot of work transferring all my stuff to a different computer, losing the warranty which I have paid for, and potentially getting a second-hand laptop with problems. I haven't been able to convince Dell that the key finder software is coming up with the wrong key, despite sending them links to articles and examples in the form of ProduKey results and COA numbers from my other laptop. Am I wrong, perhaps? I have sent Technical Support links to Microsoft's OEM Partner Center, where there is advice on replacing COA's. Technical Support tells me that there is nothing more they can do.

    This is an open case, so I have been hesitant to involve others. I felt that the team deserved the chance to do their very best. Now it seems we have reached the end of the road. Am I understanding the issue correctly? How can I convince Dell of that? What can I tell Technical Support to do if they want to replace my COA with a new one? Your advice is much appreciated.

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  • 07/28/15--07:44: "TFGHT is Compressed".......
  • Thanks.

    I am new here.

    My DELL Latitude D430 was interrupted while Compressing the Drive.

    Upon restart, before it loads Windows,  it says "TFGHT is compressed"

    What do I do? And how do I load in SAFE MODE?

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  • 07/28/15--08:37: Key Code for Windows 7
  • I need help in finding my key code for Windows 7. I have misplaced the box that the software came in.


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