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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    Not sure of the right place to post this. Probably in the wrong place and if so.. sorry :(

    Ive had manor issues recently trying to get my data back. I am left with many .INP files located in a folder called Profile1.

    I have used MigRestore and it won't find any drive I got connected.

    I have tried putting that Profile1 folder on both C: and E: with all INP files inside it.

    MIG restore just will not find them.

    Been trying with Dell Backup & Recovery as a way of restoring the data out of them and it says 'No file found' Really not sure what to do but i need the content of these files as they are very important to me.

    Please help, thanks

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    Hi there,

    Please can you help with advise on 2 main problems with my 2 yr old Inspiron 7437.

    As a background, I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and already 1 yr ago replaced the HDD with SSD. However, it crashed quite often before the upgrade to W10. The strange video pattern started to appear recently, but I had a major problem 6 months ago (before the upgrade) that was also indicative – the screen went all barmy in the middle of a presentation to 40 people and I had to restart.

    1. Crashes: they are random, about once every few days, usually the screen goes black and I can move the mouse arrow but nothing happens and I have to manually should down by holding the power-button. Sometimes I just get the BSOD (W10 style with some error code like “exception_” or something). I look at Events Log afterwards and strangely don’t see and “critical errors” logged, but I am not very sure about that.

    2. Strange pattern on the screen: randomly, I get some “pepper and salt” dots of many colours, broadly in the middle of the screen. I didn’t take a photo but it appears “through” the display of programs opened and other than some nuisance, it doesn’t seem to cause other problem, although at least once, the screen went black but the dots stayed and I had to do a hard-reset.

    My Windows 10 is updated. Please advise – can it be some unruly driver, etc.? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm considering upgrading an old 530s from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Will an OEM version work and where can I get a fair deal on Win 7?

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    How easy is it to put customer files currently on 702X laptop running windows 7 onto a new dell computer still being considered. Hardware warranty run out after 4 years. No explanation of running out of hardware warranty a year ago! (had renewed for 12 months a year ago. Any problems with internet onto new computer (internet explorer) or ay recommendations please

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    I keep getting failure to connect with server message. Windows 10. Just got computer today. No problems with internet on wifi or lan.

    How do I fix this?

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    I bought an XPS 15 (L501X model) new several years ago. It came with Windows 7, which I still have installed. It did not come with any recovery media or Windows CD, but did have a recovery partition.

    At some point when Dell backup and recovery was downloading an update for the recovery partition, it crashed, and the partition was left in a half updated state. I can't recover via the partition any more.

    I am giving this laptop away and want to restore to factory condition. Certainly without paying for a Windows license since I have a valid one already that came with the notebook.

    What are my options?

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    Where can I find camera software for a Dell Studio 1735 running Windows 7 32bit?

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    I got thisLatitude D530 Laptop from my company which had the originally installed Vista replaced with XP installation. I got an ISO image from Win7 to install but the Certificate (made for Vista, is this valid for Win7 too) cannot be read out of the BIOS.

    Unfortunately the sticker on the back cannot be read anymore.

    Do I first have to install Vista (which suposedly can read the certificate) and then upgrade to Win7?

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    Some new video card settings is causing my java apps to crash.  Attached the error log below.  Works fine on older model (T1600). Any idea what it can be?









    Sig[0].Name=Application Name


    Sig[1].Name=Application Version


    Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp


    Sig[3].Name=Hang Signature


    Sig[4].Name=Hang Type


    DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version


    DynamicSig[2].Name=Locale ID


    DynamicSig[22].Name=Additional Hang Signature 1


    DynamicSig[23].Name=Additional Hang Signature 2


    DynamicSig[24].Name=Additional Hang Signature 3


    DynamicSig[25].Name=Additional Hang Signature 4


    DynamicSig[26].Name=Additional Hang Signature 5


    DynamicSig[27].Name=Additional Hang Signature 6


    DynamicSig[28].Name=Additional Hang Signature 7


    UI[3]=Java(TM) Platform SE binary is not responding

    UI[4]=Windows can check online for a solution. If you close the program, you might lose information.

    UI[5]=Check for a solution and close the program

    UI[6]=Check for a solution and close the program

    UI[7]=Close the program









    LoadedModule[8]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\server\jvm.dll








    LoadedModule[16]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\verify.dll

    LoadedModule[17]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.dll

    LoadedModule[18]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\zip.dll

    LoadedModule[19]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\awt.dll






    LoadedModule[25]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\net.dll

















    LoadedModule[42]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\fontmanager.dll














    LoadedModule[56]=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\nio.dll





    FriendlyEventName=Stopped responding and was closed


    AppName=Java(TM) Platform SE binary


    ReportDescription=A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

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    I'm helping a friend with a Dell Inspiron 620. He gave someone remote access and got infected with some nasty trojans. I want to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows. He has no Dell reinstallation media and never made factory discs.

    When his computer boots, it boots to Windows 7 Professional. But the sticker on top of the computer says Windows 7 Home Premium above the product key. He told me he did a Windows Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional from the Microsoft Store 5 years ago and showed me a receipt with the Upgrade Key on it. He said he downloaded the upgrade file but has no idea where it is now.

    1. Can I use "my" Dell Windows 7 Professional reinstallation disc to reinstall the OS or will his Dell reject that because he originally had Windows 7 Home Premium before he upgraded to Professional?

    2. If I can, will I be able to enter his Windows Anytime Upgrade Key even though I'm using a Dell disc?

    If this isn't going to work, I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to accomplish this.

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    What are problems to transfer my files from 4 year old 702X laptop to similar running windows 7 (bought through yourselves. EASY TRANSFER quoted within your software. Will someone send me an appropriate EMAIL reply with specification of new machine, price etc. How easy is it to connect  to broadband (as currently)

    Still not convinced that I buy new dell. Possibly extend software for another year? hardware 4 year old!

    I am considering what to do.

    How long will windows 7 be supported?

    prefer email to telephone support at present



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    I have done this successfully a number of times in the past but it just sin't working now.

    I have a user with a Latitude E5450 and I want to update the drivers and BIOS but, because we have a number of this laptops I want to save the drivers, etc for use with the other laptops. I want to do this using my desktop so I don't have to interrupt the users.

    When I try the download all that comes down is dellsystemdetectlauncher.exe and will not allow me to download the drivers I have as My Download List #1.

    Has something changed or am I missing something?

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  • 02/04/16--11:10: Disable Track pad
  • How to disable the track pad on Dell Vostro 3458? there seems to be no option for this on this laptop. please help. Thanks.

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  • 02/04/16--12:10: How to delete group policy
  • OK - so it's not a hardware question, but I did not see a sub forum for this type of thing.  

    Using at home a 7010 desktop with Windows 7 Pro that I had been using at work.  Company went under and i managed to buy the computer from the new owners after the bankruptcy.

    Two Issues:

    1.  Group policy security folder was locked down by IT and I cannot get rid of the Control Alt Delete start up or the password restrictions.  Tried a batch program that was supposed to reset policies to default, but it failed saying it could not "contact the network".  Is there a file where the group policy configuration is saved on my computer that i can just delete?  Or is there another way to get rid of this?

    2.  System used to boot in 30 seconds at work(SSD) and is now taking close to two minutes.  I knocked 40 seconds off the boot time by "disconnecting" two drives it was searching for.  But it still takes well over a minute to boot as I thin it's looking for the main network server which is of course no longer connected, and then timing out after a certain number of tries.

    I am using the old network log in.  If I delete that will it still boot up and ask me to create a login  as if it was the starting for the first time?  And will that new login not be affected by group policy or look for the old network server at boot? 

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  • 02/04/16--13:25: win 8 product key?
  • the HD on my xps8500 died with the recovery partition-- bought a new HD and contacted dell -bought a new dell win8 recovery media(OS) for $20.  it was supposed to read the embedded product key from my bios --it does not--- it asks for a product key to install-- i have never had a product key as this win8 OS came pre installed -- the disk they sold me was supposed  to work with this licensed system--any ideas besides  buying a new OS? been on the phone with dell tech support and they have no ideas -oh yeah---one rep said to buy a new MB for my out of warranty machine-- yeah right?

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    I have windows vista on a dell inspiron 1420. I have lost the installation cd that came with it

    Other options like windows complete pc restore also didn't work as no valid backup locations could be found. But the only ray of hope seems to be the factory.wim file in my d drive. How do i proceed ? Please help. I lost mu administrator password too if it is relevant. Please help as i am really stuck from many a days.

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    My question is at this time is it possible to upgrade to windows 7?  I have run the check and the Dell xps 435 does have the capability to run Windows 7.  

    *  Also, is there anywhere at this point in time I can get an upgrade as opposed to a clean install, so as to not lose my programs, files and settings?   

    *  There are retail/upgrade versions available on ebay.  Most are open packages.  If purchased and opened, would these work if they have been used prior on another person's computer?  

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    Using the Dell Windows 7 Reinstallation DVD on an Inspiron 1764:

    I deleted all partitions on Inspiron 1764.

    Created new partition and formatted it

    Ran reinstallation program, it started off fine copied all of the files, installed the updated and started the Completing Installation step.

    It next displayed a message that the system was going to reboot, which it did (first setup reboot).

    After the first setup reboot, windows loaded from HDD and setup took over again.

    A few minutes later the computer Blue screened, did a memory dump and then the computer rebooted. All I could read from the blue screen was to the effect:  - there was an error to prevent damage your computer was shut down - try updating the BOIS or see your system administrator.

    The computer then rebooted and windows setup started but a window popped up saying that there was an unexpected reboot or error, to click the "OK" button then reinstall windows.

    I am having problems updating the bios as suggested. Using a DOS bootable USB flash drive and trying both available update files (1764A13_win.exe & then FLASHME_v103_Win_1194_4M_1764A13.exe) I received an error message saying that the programs will not run in DOS mode.  Both files are listed as working under DOS.

    I ran the diagnostics on the machine and everything passed.

    Any ideas on how to resolve a) the unexpected reboot during OS install and/or b) the BIOS exe files not running under DOS mode on a bootable USB flash drive?

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    Sorry about my username, but it rejected so many of my attempts that I just gave up.

    I have a friend, a sweet elderly lady whose main interests are her two church web sites and her email. Her Dell desktop running Windows 7 Pro x64 was a horrendous mess of malware, totally uncleanable and crashing left and right.  It didn't have a valid restoration partition. So I used my official Dell Windows 7 Pro System Restore flash drive to reinstall the system.  Of course it backed up her data.

    When it was done the computer software was clean but it was still crashing.  I fade a mistake; I tried re-re-installing from the flash drive.  When that didn't help I looked at hardware, found some bad RAM, and replaced it.

    Then I had a working system except the data restoration was from the second installation, i.e. nothing.  I looked around for something that would restore from the original backup.  Dell backup and restore wouldn't do it.  I couldn't find anything.

    So I made a copy of the second backup folder, and copied the files from the first backup folder into the second backup folder.  Just to make sure I touched all the files to the same date and time as the second backup files. Then I re-re-reinstalled.

    It restored some , but I'm pretty sure not all, of the files from the first backup. And when it boots it keeps asking to reboot to restore the data files.  I bet i can stop it from doing that, but...

    How can I restore the original backed up data files?

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    I have a Studio Hybrid D140G desktop that is running out of space and want to clear and restart but I haven't got the OS discs, how do I get replacements as it is out of warranty?


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