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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    what all drivers should i have before starting windows 8.1 installnation
    2.where will I find them?
    has this been 

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    Only 1/3 of Markettraders and others webinar screenshots shown since September. What is wrong:  transmission or changes in MS Operating sys.? No other course members have this problem. HELP!

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    Good Morning,

    I have a problem with a  server poweredge r510 with win2003 server (bootloop after upgrade).

    I would like to manually uninstall the last upgrade but, in recovery mode, when I go in their directory and I run spuninst.exe I obtain this message:

    "the command is not recognized"

    Can you help me? 



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    Hi guys 

    Really hope someone somewhere can help me please. My friendly IT colleague at work donated a Dell desktop to me the other week. The
    machine was out of warranty and surplus. The spec of the pc is better than my
    current machine so I was happy to accept it. Unfortunately no installation discs were supplied and it was a condition of the
    donation that the hdd be wiped prior to me receiving it. In my head given that there is a licensing sticker attached to the machine
    showing the activation code and the Windows version - Windows 7 Pro
    OA I thought I could install a new and larger hdd, install Windows 7 Pro
    then possibly upgrade to Windows 10. I recently read somewhere on
    the net that Microsoft plan to allow Windows 10 activation via any
    genuine activation irrespective of version so happy days.

    How wrong was I????

    After reading so many articles on the net I am now more confused
    than ever. Some articles say I have to purchase a new licence,
    some sites provide links to Digital river websites which are now void
    as Microsoft no longer support this method of distribution I believe,
    others state that I should contact Dell directly, others say contact Windows
    others state under no circumstance should I contact Windows......... WOW

    Someone did suggest cloning the drive but for the reasons previously
    mentioned this is a non starter.

    I cannot email Dell directly as the machine is out of warranty and due to work
    I am unable to talk to a Dell technican at any convenient point in time. Clearly
    I do not want to go down the torret site approach given that as far as I can
    understand I am still eligible to have and use a genuine copy of
    Windows. I cannot afford to buy another copy of Windows but frankly, again,
    I do not see why I should.

    I apologise if this has been posted previously but given the information
    overload thought it best to start fresh.

    Thanks a million in advance

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    I have an XPS8500 that originally came loaded with Windows 8. I recently updated to Windows 10 and now my PC will no longer boot. In fact, the PC sort of boots but not Windows. I managed to talk briefly with a Dell tech support guy who told me this was a known problem and that I need to downgrade back to Windows 8. However, the only place I have found to do this requires me to enter a product key. Yet, I don't have a product key as I understand that these are now imbedded in the BIOS and, thus, are no longer necessary to be manually entered by a user such as myself. This is all fine when the PC boots and works as expected. But since mine doesn't fully boot, I am unable to "easily" install windows 8. My understanding (based on info from Dell tech guy) is that I need to create a bootable USB key copy. Booting my PC via  this USB key will then verify the product key and allow for installation of Windows 8. But I have not been successful in finding this copy of Windows 8 that I can put on a USB key without having to provide a product key. Can anyone help either with that or to redirect my efforts?Thanks in advance for any help. 

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    I was given a Inspiron 1545 by my work. 

    They have no IT dept.  It was in the recycle bin when I rescued it.

    As far as I can tell it was barely used. 

    It was seriously infected with a virus.  I wiped the drive clean.

    The laptop was loaded with Windows XP Pro.

    I'm looking for a retail copy of Window 7 64bit Home.  Not much luck.

    All I can find are OEM copies of Windows 7

    What is the best way to put Windows 7 64bit on this computer.

    Thanks in advance

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  • 10/21/15--08:17: Error Code 81 CCTK
  • Hi,

    I am trying to enable WLAN Control Auto Sense on a Dell Vostro 3560 using command "cctk.exe --token=0x032B". I have a package in SCCM that is configured with the command mentioned earlier however when I look at the log file it shows as failed with error code 81.

    Please can someone advise what error "81. The state byte is not available on this system" states?

    Many Thanks


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    If anybody can find a OEM for windows 7 home premium OA that would be appreciated i have a key for it but cant seem to get a iso !!! Please help i need to get out of using windows 10 !

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  • 10/24/15--06:22: D630 Restore
  • Hi,

    I have a D630 with Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>.

    The sticker on the bottom is for Win/XP. <ADMIN NOTE: Product Key Removed>.

    When I boot in Safe Mode, in Control Panel / System, it states Win 7 Enterprise, 64-bit, with "Build 7601-SP1" on the screen borders.

    If I boot normally, it alternately loops between attempting to apply an update, or install Microsoft Front Page.

    I looked in System Tools, and there's only a single, 149GB partition (I guess the Recovery partition, if it ever existed, was wiped out).

    Is there anyway to obtain the original XP install media?



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    I installed Backup-and-Recovery_Application_64M9D_WN32_1.8.1.71_A00 as Dell Datasafe got uninstalled in my machine.
    It completed 'Creating the base image' successfully but shows error in 'Preparing Hard Disk' and uninstalls the program. I tried multiple times but gets same error.

    I ran this program without connecting external hard disk. Hope I need to connect external hard disk only to create recovery media.

    Plz Help !

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  • 10/26/15--11:57: Need Windows 7 ISO
  • My laptop was originally on Windows 7, a couple weeks ago I decided to upgrade to 10.  A week ago a system file became corrupted and windows wasn't able to automatically fix it, I decided to restore to windows 7 to see if that would fix the problem.  My computer restarted and went into a reboot loop on windows 10 instead of downgrading to windows 7.  I tried using the windows 10 ISO to repair and that did not work.  I then tried the option of doing a factory reset.  All files were wiped from my computer and then the reset failed, leaving me with a computer with no operating system.

    I contacted microsoft and tried using their windows 7 ISO with my product key, but that did not work since I bought the product key through dell.  I cannot find a way to get the ISO through Dell.  All of the old forum links seem to be dead or changed.  What can I do to get a running computer again?

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    I found that I have PocketCloud (Wyse) and when I was trying to find out what it is, it began installing itself. I tried stopped the installation but it was already done. I then tried to uninstall it and kept getting a popup asking permission to install an exe from Wyse. When I said "No" the uninstall would not go further.

    How do I get rid of Wyse PocketCloud?

    PS: I am on Windows 10 (and am annoyed by the Dell popup continually saying I should upgrade to Win 10 - I did it already!)


    Bend User R

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    Dell Inspiron 570 Windows 7 64-Bit
    Windows crashed and will not reload, upon reboot, menu displays stating that it did not shutdown properly, no matter which option is selected, the system does the initial screen graphic for windows loading with a animation bar, but then a blue screen pops up very briefly and then it reboots.

    When I disable the auto-reboot on failure, it just has the generic description that there was a fatal error and is shutting down for safety. It does display specific error codes, but it is just very long numerical strings.

    So I break out the recovery disk that I dutifully created when I purchased the system and inserted into the optical drive and then boot. The disk does boot and it gets as far as the default Windows blue background with some simple graphics, I wait a while then I get an error box with the error code 0x4001100200001012. No further actions.. Looking up that code shows that there is a problem with the recovery DVD, most likely the write speed was too high when it was created, unusable. GRrrrrr!!! I never tested the disk after I created it.

    So now I have a hard drive that fails to load Win7 and a recovery disk that is non-functional.
    I tried the Recovery partition option in the boot sequence, F8, but it too results in a reboot because the system is trying to boot in Safe-Mode. The last file to load in the list is CLASSPNP.SYS

    I can access the hard drive if I plug it into the system as a secondary drive, the files seem to be there. I can recover the files from the DVD, I used a recovery program for CD/DVDs, but the files are then placed on my running hard drive (Win XP), but I'd have to make a bootable disk and include the files in their proper directories. I'm a hardware guy, I can repair sophisticated automated machinery, but software is a bit of a black box for me. My attempts at creating a copy of the recovery disk have failed.

    I've tried to find on the DELL web site if a recovery DVD could be obtained, no luck. I visited the Microsoft website and found there is a way to obtain the files, I presume to download. They require the Product Key, which I can understand for verification purposes. The response is that this was delivered thru a PC manufacturer and that I need to go thru them, DELL. Plus I recently discovered that Microsoft removed the WIN7 files for download. So I'm stuck, is there a way I can obtain a recovery disk or obtain the files to create a new one? Are there any tricks out there, maybe clone the failed drive and maybe it would boot?

    Sorry for the long post, but I figure if I supply the information up front, that eliminates the Q&A sessions later.

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    I bought a refurb system directly from Dell.  I've had issues with the system, but long story short, it was shipped with no OS loaded.  I was sent a disk with the appropriate OS - the system was advertised as coming with Win 7.  As soon as I got Win 7 loaded, I performed my free upgrade to Win 10.

    However, I cant get the license activated.  I get this error:

    Error Code: 0xC004C003
    Error Description:  The activation server determined the specified product key has been blocked

    I'm not an expert, but it sure seems like I didn't get a legitimate copy of Windows...  Can someone please advise?  I'm getting a bit upset and do not feel I'm getting what I paid for... and really upset if a company like Dell cannot provide me with a legitimate product key.

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    In error I used an installation cd of my old Dell laptop which had XP, so ended up downgrading OS on my Inspiron N5010 from Windows 7 to XP [:(]

    How can I get back to Windows 7 ? 

    The Inspiron laptop did not come with a installation CD of windows 7

    Plsss help

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    It all started with the computer telling me that my Intel Rapid Storage was not running  with  "Error opening program CLR20r3". Researched it  downloaded and installed  Net frame work 2.0 just to be safe.  Ran the Intel Rapid storage repair twice with no success. Down loaded  Intel RS setup and update .Iobit deep uninstalled the not running program .Installed the new Intel setup and update. Rebooted. Alien FX's Started fan up @ 100% and system rebooted. fixed the fan speed . Rebooted, again 100% fan , followed by key board and mouse  and that's it. No signal to monitor and no boot.I've tried to boot from a Windows 10 USB without success. it just sits and Whirrs. mouse and key board are way down on the boot list so I can't do an F2 or 12 @ startup.  In short it  appears bricked. I'm going to try using a standard key board to perhaps get into F2

    So I need some suggestions as to how to get out of the feedback loop? ,or the corrupted boot tree ?or the *** happened or to just get it booted to where I can try to repair things.

    I'm running an Aurora (late 2009) 

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  • 10/30/15--14:07: Win SBS STD 2008 OEM DVD
  • Hello,

    I need to reinstall the OS on my server but I no longer have the OEM DVD that contains the installer. I called support to request a new DVD. However, they said I should come here and try my luck. According to support I should be able to launch some command in the bios to allow me to use Volume DVD for my install. Anyone familiar with the process?




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  • 10/31/15--02:45: Reinstalling Windows 7
  • Hi. So I bought this laptop few years ago that came with Windows 7 Home Premium. I then upgraded my laptop (Dell Inspiron n4050) to windows 8.1 and cleanly wiped the disk. I kind of regretted my actions as now i get frequent blue screens so i would like to know it there's any way i could reinstall Windows 7? It doesn't come with a re-installation disk so will a random Windows 7 iso file work? Thanks.

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    I successfully upgraded a couple of months ago, but have now run into some compatibility issues with my Adobe software. I want to restore the Windows 7 that came with my XPS L501X, I have tried the restore process, but it can't find the system image on the HDD. I am running a Dell backup and recovery program at the moment - it's been running for over 15 hours and doesn't appear to be doing much . . . This process would be so much easier if there was a recovery disk.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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