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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I desperately need help! Computer did not come with disk and I am exhausted trying to resolve issues

    This computer is used in Property management and the property sold. There is credit sensitive software and information for other properties on this computer that the new owner can not have assess to

    I have uninstalled some of the software but it is now causing issues and I am forced to restart. I have only been able to get a back up, can not make repair systems disk.

    Please help asap I needed to turn this over yesterday


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    The instructions usually referenced for resetting the Inspiron 620 to factory settings is inaccurate. I had my C: drive go south with partition corruption and have made attempts to restore to factory setting using every method described in either forums or the usually referenced documents. The Dell Tools options are NOT available on the dialog box described after booting from the USB HD that came with the I-620. Using the USB HD gets me a boot, a file load, and a reboot into the corrupted C:/ NONE OF THE RECOVERY METHODS OFFERED WORK AS DIRECTED. And Dell no longer sells any other media for this model.

    So I finally had to reinstall using a copy of Win7 Home Premium from my TechNet/MSDN account. I used the Dell OEM Product Key. The software installed, but will not activate. My Microsoft contact tells me the key has been blocked by Dell.

    Would you be able to give me any advice on restoring the Dell Inspiron 620 to factory settings where that advice actually matches what's on the machine and WORKS?


    Jim Lindley

    MCSE, CNE, A+, et al.

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    So, This has been happening for 3 months, and there is quite the story to it:

    So, I tried installing Windows 10 on my laptop INSPIRON 7537 (Windows 8.1)
    about early august, and it got to around 75% to when it had to restart after the section to do
    with installing drivers. After it does the DELL loading screen, the screen
    goes black. I left it like this for about 10 hours overnight, and it still
    did nothing. So as I felt I was at a dead end, I pressed the power button
    on my laptop. It did the startup screen and said "Attempting to recover
    installation..." and it lead to another black screen. I restarted my laptop
    once again and this time it said "Restoring your previous version of
    Windows..." this also lead to a black screen. I had to restart the device
    AGAIN, but this time it lead to an blue screen saying I needed to
    troubleshoot. Once I did this, it lead to a different blue screen
    saying ":( Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.
    We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart (0% complete)
    " After it said this, the percentage bar went to 100% and restarted.
    However, after this had happened, it said the exact same thing but it
    classed the error as "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE". This pops up on the
    screen for less that 2 seconds, and restarts. My laptop is now in an
    endless loop and keeps restarting and showing that message.
    I tried pressing F8, F1, F2, and F12, but nothing seemed to be happening. After
    taking it to a compuer shop several times, they installed windows 8.1 onto my
    computer. However, after i restarted the device, it lead to ANOTHER black screen.
    I took matters into my own hands and used a media USB I had made myself. After
    some research,it stated that it was Nivida driver updates and windows updates conflicting.
    People said that I shouldnt update the Nivida drivers as they are not that important,
    but, the only thing I use my laptop is for gaming, and it would not let me play
    any games without the latest Nivida driver. Now after some more research and testing,
    I saw that if I had the windows updates installed (came across as 136 updates)
    and the new Nivida driver installed, it was causing windows to corrupt. This would lead
    to a black screen and nothing else. I would always have to restore to a previous point or
    completely refresh/wipe my laptop. So, for awhile, I would install both drivers and windows
    updates WITHOUT trying to restart it. about every week I would have to restore or wipe my latop
    My laptop crashed again and the restore points would not work as they would lead to black screens,
    so I had to wipe it. However, after doing this, it said that I could update to windows 10. So
    with nothing on my laptop, i had nothing to lose. This update again, froze at 75% and now I
    have reverted to windows 8.1. Researching this, people have said that to fix it from freezing at
    75% you had to "flash the BIOS" and apparently, this can be dangerous. This issue has been
    going on for now 3 months, with NOTHING to fix, and I have created a forum on Microsoft, and
    forum on Nivida explaining separate problems which I will link. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS AS I HAVE SO FAR WASTED £80 FIXING THIS AND I MIGHT NOW HAVE TO BUY A NEW PC. Thank you,
    and I will link the fourms aswell.

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    I have lost my XPS's recovery CD and the pre installed windows 7 product key sticker on the laptop has faded. 

    I had updated my XPS to Windows 10 (6 months back) and now i need to register windows 7 product key to continue running windows 10 smoothly. Else windows crashes within a few hours.

    Is there a way to find my product key with service Tag ID?

    PS: I want to continue using windows 10 as i like it and its free:). Also i dont want to format and recover windows 7.

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    I am a single mother, and my kids have some Dell Inspiron Mini laptops that were gifts several years ago. 

    I need to reinstall them, but we didn't get software when we bought them.  We have the Product Key on the bottom of each of them, and it says it is a Windows 7 Starter. 

    I have entered the Service Tag, and I can't see where you can download the software. 

    Thank you for any guidance you can give me.



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    I have a XPS 14 L421X

    My computer came with an OEM key preinstalled windows 8.1 pro 64-bit. I had issues with the keyboard so the dell support changed out my keyboard and motherboard the second or third keyboard switch I had, a service that dell ordered and paid for. When I upgraded to windows 10 recently the system crashed impossible to boot. So I plugged in my recovery USB (sent from dell for previously) and attempted a systems recovery, no luck. It asks for windows key which I shouldn’t do when I have an OEM and the same version as previously.

    I spoke on the phone with the support that just is saying that my warranty has expired for the hardware that was installed. It’s supposedly 3 months.

    I spoke with Microsoft that can’t help me cause of the OEM and refers to the retailer, dell.

    Now I have researched the problem on the web. I booted into windows using a generic key. I wish to activate my key, I did pay for the computer to have windows 8.1 pro.

    I downloaded lots of programs and read a howl lot of articles. I have tried the program “rw everything” but have no MSDN. I tried the Internet explorer key (IE key) it seems to be the wrong key for activation.

    Below is a diag report, CLEARLY A DELL LICENSING!!

    OemMarkerVersion: 0x00020001
    OemId: DELL
    OemTableId: CL09
    Manufacturer: Dell Inc.

    But for some reason it seems to be a Windows 7 OME maker on the motherboard. What the h***? Some recovery tool told me that I had a “Win starter retail” original key, that doesn’t seem to work for activating with windows, same as IE key.

    How can I reinstall my OS and activate my real key? Please help me!!!


    Please review my DiagReport

    ToolVersion: 6.2.9200.16384
    LicensingStatusReason: 0xC004F009
    LocalGenuineResultP: 0
    GraceTimeMinutes: 0
    TotalGraceDays: 0
    ActivePartialProductKey: 8QG67
    ActiveProductKeyPid2: 00178-10073-66341-AA866

    OSVersion: 6.2.9200.2.00010100.0.0.048
    ProductName: Windows 8 Pro
    ProcessorArchitecture: x64
    EditionId: Professional
    BuildLab: 9200.win8_rtm.120725-1247
    TimeZone: W. Europe Standard Time(GMT+02:00)
    ActiveSkuId: 9e473b6d-b591-4c46-9c44-90a865f22e76
    ActiveSkuDescription: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel
    ProductUniquenessGroups: 55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
    ActiveProductKeyPKeyId: 6cc10425-bd48-6eba-41b3-c3b583ac4397
    ActiveProductKeyPidEx: 05426-01781-007-366341-00-1053-9200.0000-2782015
    ActiveProductKeyChannel: Retail
    ActiveVolumeCustomerPid: OfflineInstallationId:230734521948717994563124797452476754089221189620501683230280561
    DomainJoined: false
    ComputerSid: S-1-5-21-2596511246-3200447094-460039287
    ProductLCID: 1033
    UserLCID: 1053
    SystemLCID: 1033
    ServiceAvailable: true
    OemMarkerVersion: 0x00020001
    OemId: DELL
    OemTableId: CL09
    Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
    Model: XPS L421X
    InstallDate: 20151009010623.000000+120

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    Hi All... 

    I just bought a second hand PC from an auction.It was advertised with "No operating system", so I am quite happy to organize a new, genuine OS if I need to.

    The thing is, the box has a product key on it for W7pro..... I went to the MS site to download a copy of W7pro, entered the product key and got this........


    The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.


    I tried Dell support, they basically told me support(warranty) had expired and I could try the forums, so here I am.... my questions are:

    Do I own the product key on my computer?

    Can/How do I make it work?

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  • 10/14/15--04:40: Downgrade 8.1 pro to 7 pro
  • I just bought my Dell (15 5548) with windows 8.1 pro, especially to make the downgrade to 7 pro. 

    I can follow the downgrade procedure but I am missing the Windows 7 pro software.

    How can I get this without having to buy the Windows 7 pro CD? (I spent and extra $100 to buy the 8.1 pro to be able to downgrade)

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, my son deleted all files in the D partition where the windows backup files are located. I'm trying to restore my laptop to factory out of the box state, but I can't do that due to the loss of the backup partition, is there a way to redownload those files or work around this issue to restore my laptop to out of the box state? 

    If any more details requires please ask away. The service tag for my laptop is<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>.

    Thank you

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    Hi - I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the rollback feature does not work and neither does F8 or F11. My recovery partition appears to still be there in disk management but I cannot access it.

    Dell shipped me a USB key to reinstall Windows 7 but it will not get to the OS restore phase. I get a drive error at the start and then it attempts to do a smart repair and when I skip backup, it says "restart and we will reinstall the OS" but it just goes through this over and over after booting from the USB key. How do I install just the OS using the usb key and bypass all of the smart repair and backup?? Or is there a way to access my recovery partition again to do a factory image restore?


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    I bought  my inspiron 15 5558 a few weeks ago from best buy and noticed that the sticker near the touchpad said that i had fastaccess anywhere facial recognition software.I checked my pc for it but coudnt find it anywhere. I went to the dell downloads page to reinstall it but the green button that said register didnt work, i pressed it , then it loaded back to the original page

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    Hello everyone,

    I just bought a dell OptiPlex with windows OA key on the box.

    When I contacted Microsoft for the key, I was asked to get it from Dell.

    Does anyone know how to go about this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • 10/14/15--15:48: Blue screen
  • help i have blue screen error 0x00000076  process has locked pages. I have searched every where to try to fix but no luck can anyone give me a resalution to this plz. i have tried  down loading repairs but they all need to be bought to fixand just dnt have money for it.

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    We were promised a reply as to an Inspriron 17R with a Broadcom wireless adapter by 27th Sptember. What progress please?

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  • 10/16/15--08:46: Is this a Windows problem ?
  • Vostro 3560, Windows 7 Home x64.

    Was asked to setup a printer. (Did so offline on battery only). Noticed the system didn't require a password to get into her Admin-priviledged account. She says she made no changes on that front and I know she's not capable of it. Fearing the worst, eg security, I set up a new password. In doing so I noticed instead of having to change the pw I actually had to create a pw.

    She now has to enter the (new) password. Problem not over. Her old logon pw works in her TBird email account instead of her actual email pw; the actual email pw does not work.

    I tried to run her kapersky av but no go; not even a spinning circle. I dloaded and ran updated TM Housecall and MBAM (inc Rootkit) but system was apparenty clean. I tried to access the webmail version of her email account. Only the original logon pw worked; not the new logon pw nor the actual email account pw that was set up 3 years ago.

    btw, her System Properties\Remote were all unchecked (good).

            she does use a router and I had her wired to it. Unfortuneately she asked to go wireless about 3 months ago so she could use BBM on her blackberry. I did disable the wifi ability on her notebook.


    Has anyone come across anything sounding familiar and what was the result ?

    Does this sound like a Windows, eg Credentials/corruption, issue or potentially a security issue ?

    Will doublepost this to Windows OS.

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    Microsoft have acknowledged feedback on the lack of downloadable installation media for all Windows 7 OEM and some Windows 8.1 OEM editions.

    Windows 10 TH2 will accept Windows 7 OEM and Windows 8.1 OEM product keys.

    The Windows 10 Insider Preview .isos are available here:

    windows 10 th3a

    These .isos automatically input:

    • Dell Windows 8.1 (Home) OEM keys (tested)
    • Dell Windows 8.1 Pro OEM Keys (tested)
    • Dell Windows 8.1 (Home) with Bing OEM Keys
    • Dell Windows 10 Home OEM keys
    • Dell Windows 10 Pro OEM Keys

    They also accept:

    • Windows 7 Starter OEM COA keys
    • Windows 7 Home Basic OEM COA keys 
    • Windows 7 Home Premium OEM COA keys (tested)
    • Windows 7 Professional OEM COA keys (tested)
    • Windows 7 Ultimate OEM COA keys

    They currently do not support Single Language or N Editions:

    • Windows 7 Starter N OEM COA keys
    • Windows 7 Home Basic N OEM COA keys 
    • Windows 7 Home Premium N OEM COA keys
    • Windows 7 Professional N OEM COA keys
    • Windows 7 Ultimate N OEM COA keys
    • Windows 8.1 (Home) Single Language OEM keys
    • Windows 8.1 (Home) Single Language with Bing OEM keys
    • Windows 8.1 (Home) N OEM keys
    • Windows 8.1 Pro N OEM keys
    • Windows 10 Home Single Language OEM keys
    • Windows 10 N OEM keys
    • Windows 10 Pro N OEM keys

    If you input a key from an N Edition or Single Language Edition you get the error message.


    When these .isos are released on the main track covering the N and Single Language Editions Windows OEM will have a proper digital distribution.

    The fact that Microsoft have listed 2 Editions on 1 .iso suggests that they might list all 5 on the one .iso like they did with Windows Vista/7 which suggests they might be taking into account additional feedback I left and this will end all the end user problems regarding Windows Edition and UEFI BIOS embedded product keys:


    I am thus recommending all out of warranty Windows 7 users without installation media to install Windows 10 TH2 Insider Preview. My updated guide is available here:

    If you are running an unsupported edition install the Windows 8.1 90 day Evaluation Preview or Windows 10 Evaluation Preview:

    Windows 10 TH2 covering all Editions should be released on the main track before the 90 day Evaluation preview expires.

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    I've been fighting this problem for months. Around 2008-2009, I purchased a refurb'd Studio 1735 laptop directly from Dell. It came with Vista Home Premium OEMAct factory installed. There was some special deal at the time that included a Windows 7 upgrade. When I received the product, it came with the Vista DVD AND a Dell OEM DVD for Windows-7 Ultimate x64 (not an upgrade DVD, but the whole package). Cool!! I turned on the laptop, brought it up, tested it out to verify everything worked, shut it down, and rebooted the Win-7 DVD and installed it. No activation problems, self-activated. Voila... very great laptop. Been very pleased with its performance. Time passes....

    In early 2015, the Motherboard died. Bummer. Hmmm.... Dell seems to want a lot of money for a replacement. Ended up buying the IDENTICAL model laptop from eBay for half the price of a motherboard from Dell. It had a bad LCD, but all else was good and a lot of spare parts to boot. Repaired my Laptop, brought the system up... and 3 days later got a message that I need to Activate Windows. WHAT!! After some research, it seems that Microsoft deems that replacement of your motherboard is considered installing Windows on another PC, which of course, is RIDICULOUS!!! The unit that I bought from eBay also had Vista Home Premium OEMAct factory installed. Still has the OEM Product Key sticker on the empty case. (my original system does as well)

    I went the route of calling Microsoft which was, and always seems to be, an exercise in futility. They basically told me that since this was an OEM product, I needed to contact the OEM (that's YOU, Dell) for help. But the "agent" did offer to sell me a key for $99... my, how helpful. I hung up and installed Linux Mint the next day. (from which I write this post)

    It seems that Dell and Microsoft love placing you between a rock and a hard spot.

    I would still like to go back to Windows. Linux has a lot of nice stuff and I'm learning something new, but I find there are things I could do with Windows... that I just can't do in Linux.

    So, Dell, can someone there step up to the plate and help me activate my Windows-7 product?

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    I just purchased a Precision M4800 with Win7-64 pre-installed "via downgrade rights" for Win8. The disc provided with the machine is a (Dell) Windows 8.1 64 bit recovery medium, and it does install Win8 (I tried it out on a drive that I was trying to upgrade to). I have no Win7 recovery medium. I have tried to back up the system with DBAR, but it tells be that an upgrade is required, and when I click to install the upgrade, the program just terminates. How are you supposed to back up (and restore) new Dell systems? I can make a Windows backup, but I could not restore the system if necessary, since my only recovery medium installs Win8 and the backup is for / under Win 7.

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  • 10/18/15--16:20: OS Reinstallation
  • Hello all,

    I bought my Dell Studio 1558 five years back. While purchasing my laptop, it was pre-installed with Windows 7 64 bit Home premium operating system. Now I have to format my laptop and install Windows 7 again. The thing is I have lost my OS CD which came along with my laptop while purchasing and as my laptop's warranty has been expired, I am unable to request Dell support.

    I made the purchase in India and now I have been moved to US. Please suggest some option so that I can reinstall the OS.

    Thanks in advance!

    Sankaravel S

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    Hi guys, I hv recently bought the Dell inspiron 15 3543 which came with Ubuntu installed.. but for a change I wanted to install xp to format the hdd n upgrade to win7.. while installing the windows xp m getting an error saying "apci compliant " after that I followed sine instructions like pressing f7 at the start up of the installed but couldn't help as I got another error regarding Hard disk to check.. .. please get me out f this as I need someone to fix it up... Ur comments are truly appreciable..

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