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Microsoft operating system discussion

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  • 09/29/15--18:23: windoze
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    Just bought a new dell vostro laptop.  It has windows 7 but came with windows 8 recovery disk.  I'm going to keep windows 7.  If I ever have to replace my hard drive, can I use my windows 8 recovery disk to install the windows 8 OS on it?

    I've seen people comment on here that the recovery disks will NOT install the OS.  However, the disk itself says on it "Use this disc only to reinstall the operating system on a dell computer. This disc is not for reinstallation of programs or drivers".

    So can I use this disc to install windows 8 on a new hard drive, if I ever replace it?

    If not, how can I get the correct disc to accomplish that, without needing to make my own recovery discs?

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    I'm using DBAR on my vostro laptop to make a recovery disc and it asks me if I want to recover hard drive space.  It says "The application and drivers and utilities on your hard drive use 114mb of space.  You can recover this space by deleting these files.Once you have removed these files, you will need to use the media you created to reinstall any of these items. Delete contents to recover hard drive space?"

    When would you use this option, and will it affect my hard drive in it's current state?  Keep in mind I'm only CREATING recovery discs in the case of future hard drive failure.  I don't understand whether I should accept this step or not to recover space.

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    i have upgraded to Windows 10 and all my  personal configuration settings and files  were wiped out. in addition windows did not start up half of the time and i  decided to reinstall everything to the factory settings so it'd be like a brand new computer  (i backed up all my personal files before upgrading windows so thats ok!)

    so, i've got the Drivers and Utilities and the Windows 7 installation disks which i received from Dell.

    i have sucessfully installed Windows 7 but all my Dell software is lost. i have looked up there (

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  • 10/02/15--06:07: Google on Windows 7
  • I have a dell d630. Windows 7 home premium.  How can I use Google as default browser and make everything work right.  Or is it even possible.  I'm a comp rookie.  Do I need an alienware ?

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    My Dell XPS laptop is out of warranty. I need to replace the HDD as it has been diagnosed as faulty.

    The laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and the product key sticker is worn and cannot be read.

    How can I find the Windows product key when I change the HDD?

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  • 10/02/15--17:45: Laptop keeps rebooting
  • My laptop keeps rebooting. I ran a full diagnostic test and everything was good. FYI I was trying to reset my laptop but it was taking forever to reset. After 12 hours it only at 38% so I turned it off during the process of resetting. I'm guessing this is happening due to what I did.

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    I was trying to upgrade my gf's laptop (inspiron 7537) to Windows 10 yesterday and it hung up on installation. I left it overnight and was still hung up so I powered it down and restarted it. Now it shows the Dell screen and loads to a black screen. I have tried pressing the "CTRL" button then entering in the password and waited but no luck. I restart and I press the "Delete" button to display the bios options (F2/F12) but when I press either button it just ignores it and goes to the Dell screen then to the black screen again. I want to go back to Windows 8 (on a USB already) and after what I read this morning I need to update the Bios before I do the Windows 10 upgrade but it will not let me do anything.

    Any help or suggestions would be great!


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    I was running Win 7 starter edition and decided to go with a clean factory image before upgrading to Windows 10. My mistake was thinking that the Dell recovery utility would work.

    I created an 8G restore USB stick using the included Dell utility. I reboot from the USB and perform Factory Restore. It gets part of the way through and then seems to get confused, re-accessing scripts from TAL folder and stuck in a reboot loop.


    Update - yes, its a user problem. I didn't notice the little Sysprep cleanup prompt after the recovery. If this is not allowed to run, Sysprep never ends. I have not seen any documentation on this, but in my last attempt I must have selected the correct settings for the Sysprep cleanup to get itself off the machine and let Windows finish installing.

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    I have had my XPS 7100 for 4 years and now would like to reinstall the existing Windows 7 from the factory defaults, like with a recovery DVD.  I purchased the system with Win 7 on it, but it didn't come with the DVD/CD.  Where can I get this?  

    Thanks -B

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    trying to do a complete install on my dell optiplex 760 tower,  but even though i have the original dell disc,  i am still having issues.....  I get all the features and everything done all the way to the last step and all but then as i think this is going to be a success story,  it only says starting up windows and lets me down by leaving me with a blue no signal screen on my 15' lcd monitor........ If anyone would have some insight and would be generous and kind enough to help me out as a fellow techie..... i mean built my first computer,  been through the whole 9 yards,  but still cant figure nor solve this situation........  i'd greatly appreciate any help of knowledge any of my fellow people could give ....i currently don't have a phone,  but ya'll can always get to me via message on her or [Admin NOTE: Email ID removed per TOU policy],   thank you for your time and also gratitude.

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    i had bought dell inspiron n5010 with genuine windows7 home basic.Recently my hard disk corupted so i replaced it and loading the windows through the CD i got.But its not working and i don't know the product key.Please help me from where can i find my original windows. 

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  • 10/05/15--16:37: code 80070490
  • hello I keep getting code 80070490 every time I try to reset my pc computer back to default settings . . . can you please help me on what I need to do ????? thanks  [:D]

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  • 10/06/15--06:55: Partition order
  • I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I do not see a more proper one for this, so I figured since the end goal includes a Microsoft OS, this is a good place to start. I am trying to understand the way that dell installs the partition table/order in their computers. What I have is a Dell M5040 laptop, and I am trying to get everything back in the right order. I have successfully managed to use Diskpart and Imagex to reinstall from the recovery partition, but I want to manage to get the keys to work so that the customer can accomplish this task herself if needed in the future. I am not asking for a walk through on how to get this working again, as I have a disk with DSRFix on it, and understand the necessary steps behind it, just not the proper order of the partitions and which goes where. I know that one is supposed to be fat16 and labeled DellUtility, and that three is supposed to be fat32. The question I have, is with it being fat32, do I assume that is the correct position for the recovery partition, and that the 2nd partition is for the OS and should be NTFS? I have, in the past, using a cloned drive, fixed the keys and got them working again, but this one was damaged, and I was worked on by someone lacking the proper knowledge and willingness to put in the effort to do it right, and I believe things are out of order. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS!

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    I did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Dell Latitude 3440 that was running Windows 8 and now it won't register.

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  • 10/06/15--10:37: Change system language
  • Hi,

    When setting up my new laptop, the first action was to select the system language. I mistakenly picked French. I now need to change this back to English. I tried doing a factory restore, but when I do that, it does not prompt me to select a system language again. I only get regional settings which do not change the system (display) language.

    Could you please help me to put the system back in English?

    Thank you.

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    Your driver package: Serial-ATA_Driver_D60VM_WN_13.2.4.1000_A13 fails to install and reports that I do not have .NET 4.5 and fails to install.  I have .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.6 installed:

    2015:10:06 14:37:26:248: >>> Log start

    2015:10:06 14:37:26:251: Single-instance mutex has been obtained
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:253: Core version: 2.5.34
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:256: Setup version:
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:257: Command line: "C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Serial-ATA_Driver_D60VM_WN_13.2.4.1000_A13\SetupRST.exe" /report "C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Serial-ATA_Driver_D60VM_WN_13.2.4.1000_A13\DUPC2DB.tmp"
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:262: OS data: 6-1-1-1 64-bit
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:265: System up time: 593281 sec
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:269: Reboot pending: No
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:272: Current UI language: 0409
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:275: Language folder:


    2015:10:06 14:37:26:893: Loading language 0409
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:898: Setup mode: Installation
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:902: Looking for OS: 6.1 6.2 6.3
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:905: OS check passed
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:909: E .NET version check failed. Needed v4.5\Client v4.5\Full
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:912: E Win32 exception occurred!!
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:916: Error code: 0x4E23 (20003)
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:919: Error text: ''
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:922: Extended error text: '.NET version check failed'
    2015:10:06 14:37:26:925: Debug info: 'Configuration.cpp (179)'

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  • 10/06/15--14:14: A driver would not install
  • I'm trying to download a driver analysed by dell system detect thta need to be downloaded :

    But when I try to install it says does not meet system requirements when its is anaylysed and put on the update list also it says for inspiron 1545 which I have win7 32bit

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    Hi all,

    After I upgrade my windows 8.1 to windows 10, I cannot find the Dell image factory reset option. However, I want to reset my windows by using the Dell factory reset image on the recovery partition. Is it possible?

    If not, can I create a new image on the recovery partition?



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    I unfortunately seem to have activate4d my years free subscription to this piece of software which is causing me problems. I wish to remove it but fear that simply uninstalling will prevent my accessing documents that it has taken over.

    How do I get rid of this unwanted monster PLEASE PLEASE ?

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