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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    Hi everyone. I have an issue with passing BIOS. My brother now is in prison, but his laptop is left at home. I understood by removing the HDD that he deleted everything from his laptop (even OS) and put a password to BIOS. My grandmother asked him about the password, but he forgot it. At first, i tried to contact with dell's support, but they asked me for retailer's  name. We bought this laptop in Dushanbe and even my brother don't know the retailer's name. At second, i searched the whole internet to find the unlock key, but i didn't find it. At third, i removed for 24h CMOS battery, it also didn't help. What can I do in this case? 

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    Hello community members,

    This is my first post and my name is John.

    Recently my system had windows 10 update after which some of the application interfaces became blurry transparent.

    But with this update came a problem which I am just unable to fix. It's called IAStorDataSvc. I read few guides ( like this one on how to fix IAStorDataSvc ) which worked but only till my system had another windows 10 update.

    I have tried everything, from uninstalling this IAStorDataSvc using Revo uninstaller to reinstalling it by downloading the official version from here: 

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    APPHELPER.EXE Virus is very harmful and dangerous Trojan virus which silently intrude your PC without your knowing. It will make your PC completely useless means if your PC is infected from this malicious APPHELPER.EXE virus then you are unable to perform  single task on your system. it will also able to steal your sensitive and private data without your any concern. if you want to remove this notorious Trojan malware completely from your PC then read this guide :-

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    i have dell xps 10 .

    i format drive c by cmd.

    i need reinstal windows  but...........error unable to find a bootable option.

    how i fix the issu.

    help my.

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    Hi to all,

    I just got a DELL Precision M5510. It originally comes with Windows10 but there are drivers for Windows7 on the DELL support site to download. Also I asked to Dell support about the compatibility before the purchase.

    But after trying to install Windows7 OS the installation says that there is no compatible hardware and it cannot continue with the process.

    I think it has to do with the configuration on the BIOS as I had to enable the legacy boot option in order to boot with the DVD (which is a USB DVD drive). 

    Does anyone had experienced this situation?

    Any comment will be highly appreciated.



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  • 07/23/17--15:49: New Dell - Recovery Folder
  • I just got my new Dell yesterday and set it up. Everything is great but the computer I ordered has a 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD setup. For this reason I'd like to keep the SSD as clean as I can.

    There is a folder on C:\ called "Recovery". Since the folder is 3.83 GB I'm wondering if this folder can be deleted or, at the very least, be moved to the 2TB HDD. I'm thinking it might just be a folder left over from the creation of the computer but I'm not sure.

    Also, I have the same question about the folders on C:\ called "Apps", "dell" and "Drivers" but I don't can't as much because combined these 3 only add up to 95MB.

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  • 07/25/17--03:28: Windows 8 ISO?
  • I live on my XPS 8500 Desktop, purchased in 2012. It's running Win 8 (standard I assume) and has had issues with file corruptions for years. For this reason, I never attempted an 8.1 upgrade. In the past few days it has been running poorly and I am alarmed. 

    Innumerable SFC and DISM scans have failed to fix or replace the corrupt and missing files. I've Refreshed many times over the last 5 yrs and always end up with missing and corrupt files. I haven't done another Refresh yet and don't want to attempt a Reset because I believe that there are corrupt files in my Recovery Partition(s). 

    In recent months I have repeatedly tried to find a Win 8 ISO, hoping to point to it to for the files that the scans can't find.  Every Win 8 link that I come across (including the Dell website) takes me to a page for 8.1. 

    As a retiree on a fixed income, I need to find a way to resolve the issues on my own with minimal expenditure. I have my Product Key. I just can't find Windows 8. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Dear Community,

    im facing on one of our systems Dell Precision 1650 (Windows 7 and 32 Bit) problems regarding IAStorDataMgrSvc.

    Eventlog tells me as information Message

    Event 7001, IAStorDataMgrSvc

    And in Main explanation Window is shown

    Harddrive on Connection2: removed

    Event 7000, IAStorDataMgrSvc

    And in Main explanation Window is shown

    Harddrive on Connection2: connected

    Thoose two Messages toggle about 20 - 40 times in a row.

    The dell diagnostic tool that can be run offline didnt find any error on the system

    Does anyone might have a clue where to search further for a possible error  regarding thoose two message events?

    Thanks in advanvce


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    I have bought a new latitude laptop, but it doesn't work properly. I want to recover my system and I follow Reinstall Windows 10 to the dell factory image using WinRE tutorial from dell's website. However, when I select troubleshoot there are only 2 options available: reset this pc and advanced options. I have also created a USB recovery drive after the installation of Windows.

    Could you tell me the appropriate way to return back to the Dell factory image?



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    I've had this issue for a few months and it comes and goes. Basically both shift keys go almost completely dead every now and again. you might be able to force them to work but it'll only work for maybe one out of 20 or so key strokes. like i said, i've had month long periods where they work perfectly. i've used a keyboard tester software and when i press both the shift keys the software tells me that they work which makes me think its something to do software wise and its not a hardware issue. i've looked online but nothing has even come close to helping me. i've had the laptop for less than a year i think and the issue stated happening quite shortly after i got the laptop

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    I'm really getting frustrated with my Dell laptop. It loads Windows 7 (Professional) but I want to do a system restore back to factory settings as it's 4 years old. All important data is backed up to cloud storage and double backed up on external hard drives.

    Machine is a Latitude E6530 running Windows 7 Pro.

    If I go to Windows drive manager I see there is a Dell Recovery Partition

    'Dell Backup and Recovery' was not factory installed in my system, so I downloaded it and tried to run it. It ran for hours 'creating a disk image' or something. Why it has to do this if I just want to reformat and load the original drivers etc I don't know. I left it running overnight and it crashed. Try to run it again and I get an infuriating error that it has had a problem and has to close. The software is junk.

    Next, I try from the advanced boot menu accessed by hammering the F8 key when the Dell logo is showing on startup. I go to the 'repair my system' option and there are various options but no Dell Backup and Recovery.

    Why did Dell bother with a recovery partition when it cannot be accessed?

    So as far as I see, it looks like my only option is to manually reformat the hard drive and clear off all the Dell proprietary junk and hope that Windows 7 will load the correct drivers. But even this seems to be an issue; if I run the command prompt and type 'format C:\' I get an error (though maybe this is me trying to use old DOS code with a different system'.

    I've had this laptop for 4 years, most of the time something was wrong with it, two warranty repair calls. This will be my last Dell laptop but I would like to get a year or two more use out of it.

    Before I go and manually wipe clean the hard drive (if that is even an option on this wretched thing) is there anything else I can try to attempt to restore the factory Dell image?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 07/27/17--02:38: IMEI-driber and LMS service
  • I am installing the Chipset_Driver_NX3DT_WN32_11.0.11.1193_A01 on a Dell Optiplex 7010 with Windows 7 64-bits . because I need the LMMS-service to connect to AMT.
    The IMEI-driver is already installed in Windows.
    When I install this driver, the IMEI-driver is downgraded during this installation.
    Is it possible to only install the LMS-service ?

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    I just purchased an XPS 8920 running Win 10, replacing my old XPS 8700 which also ran Win 10.  Two questions:

    - When I turned the old PC on, it would fully boot without asking for a password.  I have not been able to figure out how to get the new PC to do this.  Since they both are Win 10 systems, shouldn't things be the same?  FWIW, I did know how to turn on and off the PW request on the old system.

    - In spite of the fact that I was signed onto both MSN and, I have been unable to find a downloadable copy of MSN news.  I did find links but they don't seem to work.  What do I need to do to get this software onto my new desktop PC?

    Thanks, Bill

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    Hello, some Dell Driver update files give me three options: Repair, Change, and Uninstall.  There is no option to update them.  How can I update these drivers?  Do I uninstall them and reinstall them?  Some only give me the option to Repair them.  Thank you.

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  • 08/02/17--10:29: friend's presentation
  • Several days ago some of my friends got a problem with presentation. He can't open the .pptx file in Powerpoint 2010. We tried to open it in version 2013. but we couldn't

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    Just done a fresh instal of win 7 x64 and evrything is fine in the Device Manager, video card and sound card are seperate unit and will deal with them later but i'm looking for the intel drivers for LAN which i think is wow64 but also intel chipset one as well i have grabbed lateest chipset drivers but fail to install just saying something went wrong (not much help to me either), but are there any other drivers i should be looking for?

    I am running ssd now and 2 hard will be hooked up as back up drives later when OS and drivers are fully sorted, any help or advice is MORE then welcome.


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     I need help with finding QuickSet or an alternative program for notebook Latitude E5577, Windows7 64bit. I need a program to display hotkeys on the monitor. I can´t find program on support site.
    Thanks for your advice.

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    I have acme bluetooth headset bh40 and laptop is able to recognize the device in Bluetooth devices but can't use it to play audio. It shows that there is an issue with the driver for this device that it can't find it but this is a plug and play type of device. 

    I went to device manager and saw yellow exclamation marks on Bluetooth peripheral device and here is the hardware id of errors: 





    What can I do?

    I went on acme site and didn't find any driver available. Is there something on dell's site I could use? Or something else?

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    Alright so, I installed ubuntu on my dell latitude e6230, wiping the whole drive. Recently I've been wanting to go back to windows. Since the windows product key on the back of my laptop is for a pre-installed windows, I couldn't download it straight from microsoft website. After contacting their support, they gave me a download link for a win7 iso, so I thought the problem was solved. However, during installation I get 0x80070570 error at 1% of installation.  

    Couldn't solve that problem on my own, so I contacted MS support again, this time they told me that the installer they gave me WON'T work because I need OEM iso from dell, and told me to get it from Dell support - apparently it worked for other people. 

    So, my questions are: 

    - What do you guys think about it?

    - Where do I get the win7 oem iso?

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  • 08/05/17--20:01: Dell Windows Recovery Image
  • Trying to use the Dell site below which states: 

    Dell Windows Recovery Image

    Create Windows installation media for your Dell device.

    Need to install or reinstall Windows on your Dell system?
    Download a Dell ISO recovery image file and use the Dell OS Recovery Tool to create a bootable USB drive.
    However when I enter my service tag I get this error: 

    Recovery image currently unavailable.

    The recovery image download could not be generated due to missing information. Please contact technical support for assistance.

    I clicked on the link for tech support and hit the chat option and get nowhere with the support folks because they tell me it's only for basic warranty support.  Very misleading, but that's another story. 

    Does anyone have any idea what information could be "missing" that is preventing me from obtaining the recovery image?

    I even see a post related to this on the OS forum homepage but it doesn't discuss any troubleshooting.

    Link I'm hitting:

    Thanks in advance for any ideas/assistance!

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