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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I need the device drivers for  Windows Server 2008 for Dell Inspiron 7548 model. All drivers listed for this model works only for windows 7/8. I am looking for Windows Server 2008.

    Please suggest how can I get the device drivers for "Dell Inspiron 7548 ".



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  • 07/03/15--04:02: Windows 8.1 PRO
  • Hi! I bought a Dell laptop it has Windows 8.1 Single Language 64 bit before I decided to upgrade to a pirated Windows 8.1 PRO and I totally regret my decision. How am I going back the the old version of my operating system?

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  • 07/03/15--04:11: Windows 8
  • I got my Dell lnspiron 3521 with pre installed W8. I asked the OS CD.  They are saying that it's pre installed.  Product key injected in mother board.  How can get that product key or CD?  I need to regulate install my OS now.

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    It has been a long time since my first visit here and seems some of the site has changed a bit.  Explaining what my issue is to Bev and was directed here.  Below was posted before so now this is just a shortened version.  I have attempted the DVD Repair from the original disc as well as the version on the H/D and NOTHING is found wrong.

    System is OptiPlex 960 Win 7 PRO SP1 there have been several suggesting the use of Driver UPDATES, but; that is part of my issue, my Admin access keeps telling me "The User Profile Service service failed the logon.  User profile cannot be loaded."  When attempting to install updates that require Admin Password through the UAC  . .  just downloaded the latest MBAM v2.1.8.1057 to install, ERROR box with message "ShellExcuteEx failed; Code 2. The system cannot find the file specified."  That file is 'mbam-setup- size 23,776 KB.  I purchased the MBAM PRO Life Time Updates and they rolled it over to this Premium.

    For some reasonWindows cannot find any thing on the drive to run except what is in the BOOT up and like my FF v39 and my Email client, Pegasus Mail. Both seem, to be immune to this part of my problem.

    Any suggestions that maybe will work would be appreciated, except the Reinstall of the O/S.  I have a difficult time with doing that, I am an analyst and like to find what is causing my problem then work to fix it or a work around.

    Below is another part of my post:

    Have done the µbarf (Microsoft) Community and they misunderstood what I had posted accusing me of USING ADMIN to surf the web which is the MAJOR NO NO NO when it comes to doing anything online.  All they suggest is RE-install,

    I digress a bit here, my training is Electronics, Journeyman Electronics/w computer logic, IC chips, et ceteras . . over 65 years experience/w hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, list is too long.  Started working with computers about 1973, Data General 19" 64bit Main Frame/w I/O Teletype, before using a monitor.  Transitioned into desktops and was Manager of a small Burroughs O/S of 36 dumb terminals for tracking about 85,000 calibrated, maintenance and repair of all test equipment for Kelly, A.F.B. Tx with some fly-ins from around the World. About $100,000,000 worth of products.  Started surfing the net in DOS 3.1 before color monitors, green screens.  Oh, the WWW (World Wide Web) had not been setup nor Windows.  Help friends, neighbors, and Family with computer problems.

    Just a little back-ground so you know experimenting is not an issue as that is an on-going task.

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  • 07/03/15--15:28: Recovery Stuck
  • I have a recovery usb key for my computer. I needed to recover my computer so I put the key in and restarted my computer. It came up and worked for the first few steps, but once it got to the initialize backup and migration stage it just gets stuck on the loading wheel. It has been stuck like this for hours... Is this normal? If not can someone help me solve this issue?

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    After many years of staying away from Dell computers because of previous reliability issues I recently purchased a top of the line ultra HD XPS 13 spending lots of money.  Installing all my software took many hours as expected and everything worked great for about a month. Then I started getting the Windows blue screen at increasing frequency. The error stated that Windows failed to shut down correctly (Windows 8.1 64bit).  After hours on chat with Dell tech support they suggest I reinstall the operating system or refresh it.  I view this as a serious problem with reliability of a premium machine at a premium price and would like to have someone ensure me that this drastic "solution" will indeed solve the problem. Instead it seems that I am on my own to do this and then spend many hours reinstalling software and authorizations and licences.  In short I think the operating system on a new computer should work and not crash all the time. Has anyone else had this problem and/or solved it without having to rebuild all the software installed on the XPS 13? I would like to know if this is a common problem with new Dells and also if their is someway to fix it.  

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  • 07/04/15--19:44: letters , white on white
  • you cannot read the clock , date , settings or anything else to reset all white on white

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    Greetings from the GREAT Country of TEXAS,

    Have discovered many, 9 - 24, 'ntuser.dat files in the limited user's folder from 2012 up to 2015.  Could all but the latest files be DELTED to keep excessive files from taking up space and not being of any value?

    Also could any excess files, such as above, be removed from any USER's folder as well?

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    Greetings from the GREAT Country of TEXAS,

    Am experiencing some issues when attempting to use some programs by way of their ICON and even going directly into Explorer to execute and Windows tells me it cannot find said file.  Even the User Admin setup for us to use for maintenance and installation of software cannot be found.  LImiting what can be done, updates, new copies, installing testing software.

    Any ideas?  Some would be appreciated . . getting to a stand-still . .

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  • 07/05/15--15:09: Hdd
  • So i accedentally deleted my windows xp operation system i have the certificate of authenticity and was wondering how to get it back? please help

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  • 07/06/15--08:10: Dell Vostro 3700
  • Dell Vostro I am running Windows 8.0 Pro 34 bit on the machine, have upgraded memory to 8GB, however have been told that I need to run Windows 8.0  64 bit otherwise OS system will not use the 8GB.

    Have tried installing the 64 bit version , but I get message "this app wont run on your PC", what can I do? 

    Reason for installing additional memory is due to machine slowing down, and SupportAssist states that maximum 8GB memory is supported. By the way I have had the computer for over 4 years and have been very happy with the performance.

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    I have a Dell inspiron 620 and need to reinstall windows 7 but it came with no install disk. When i put the product key into on a microsoft site to make a install disk they said I would have to go to manufacturer of computer which is Dell and  Dell will not send me one because my warrenty has expired. Any ideas ?

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    I have the 25 character product code for Microsoft Office 2007 that came with my Dell XP computer years ago. I want to upload office to my new HP computer but it will not take the key. It's because it came pre-installed maybe? Can anyone share their experience if they had similar situatioon that ended well>

    Thank you.


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    Hi. I tried to re-image some Optiplex 9020 micro and some are totally dead. I did what I always do. Mounted the monitor on it's stand and mounted the computer in a stand at the back. I booted the computer with F12 for the menu and choose boot from network. The SCCM image process started, filled in some information about the computer and let it run over night.

    Anyone else tried to image a Optiplex 9020 micro with SCCM and it became dead afterward?
    Really strange this.
    I have imaged a lot of computers so far, but a dead new computer after imaging is new for me.
    What should I look for and how can I get it to start again?

    The computer displayed:

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    I have a Dell PC with Windows 8.1 installed on a HDD. It came with Windows 8, but I upgraded to 8.1

    I have just bought an SSD.

    I created a recovery USB stick(using Dell software that came with the PC) about a year ago (AFAIK it would recover my PC to Windows 8, not 8.1).

    IF I use my recovery USB stick to install the OS on the SSD also, and have the 2 hard drives in one computer, would I be breaking the law/breaking Microsofts terms and conditions? Am I only allowed to have my OS on one hard drive, even if my PC has multiple hard drives?

    Also- general question, how would I go about moving from HDD to SSD? (Im finding conflicting info about this from different sources)

    Many Thanks if you can help
    Im concerned about messing this up and potentially losing data then having to start again by buying a new hard drive/copy of windows.
    My other concern is Microsoft Terms of use/licencing ie Im not fully clear on what I can and cannot do. eg see earlier in this post about having Windows on 2 hard drives in the same PC

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  • 07/08/15--04:29: Login win7
  • when attempting to login to Windows 7 computer, receive the following message "there are currently no logon servers available to process your logon request"

    I have my administrator's master password + username.

    Is there a possibility to by-pass this - for example - through a cmd by booting the workstation ?

    Or by re-install win7 ?  ..... This I cannot do either.

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    The dual booting for this two OS is not taking place. Error is showing that installaton does not support more than one dynamic hard disk space

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  • 07/08/15--12:44: MS Books Give AWAY
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    I will be given a Dell vostro 3350 laptop which has been bought in march 2011 in Singapore (I am living in France now).

    The HDD on the Dell vostro 3350 has been changed to a Samsung Samsung MZ-75E120B/EU EVO 850 SSD 120GB, SATA III.

    I guess I should reinstall Windows 7 on the Dell (the OS was probably Windows 7 since it was bought in 2011).

    I have a DVD of Windows 7 Home Edition in a box but I don't remember if the Dell vosto had Windows 7 Home Edition or Professional Edition (I will check on the label below the laptop)

    * can I install/activate Windows 7 Professional Edition from a "Home Edition" DVD?

    * Do I need to find the wifi driver of the Dell vostro 3350 in case the wifi does not work in the first place?

    * Will I encounter other difficulties I should prepare for?

    And which softwares do you recommend me to install?

    * TeamViewer?

    * Office 2013 (I have a spare licence)?

    * Skype?

    * iTunes to have the 3 Apple Music free months?

    * 7zip?

    * LastPass?

    * Picasa?

    * inssider (wifi tool)?

    * Adobe Acrobat Reader?

    * VLC?

    * MalewareBite anti malwares?

    * Microsoft OneDrive?

    * Google Drive?

    * Firefox?

    * Google Chrome?

    * Free Download Manager?

    Do you know better alternatives to the softwares I named or recommend other softwares?

    Many thanks!

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    C:\ProgramData\Dell\Digital Delivery\Downloads\Software is taking up 6GB on my computer. Why should I hold a second copy of Photoshop on my system, especially when it's a digital delivery so I'm entitled to get a copy whenever I want?

    ps. Is this forum indexed on Google? I want the answer to be searchable online.

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