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Microsoft operating system discussion

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  • 08/07/15--23:33: Lost Product key
  • Hi There,

    I have lost my product key of windows7 PRO during upgrading windows 10. My product key label below the laptop is not there now and recovery disk is corrupt and damaged.

    Is there any way to get it back. It was OEM version. I have purchase bill of my laptop.


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  • 08/08/15--09:58: Product Key on Dell 15R
  • I have no reinstall disk.  There is no product key on bottom of computer or under battery.  Laptop is 2 years old.  No product key on box (yes, I still have the box) or on any of the documents that came with it. (yes, I still have them)  And I can't upgrade to Windows 10 unless I have the product key.  Dell use to be the best in PC's but I am fast becoming dissatisfied with the product and the service, because this is not the first issue I have had with Dell.  So what is the big deal about giving a product key when you make a purchase, on the computer AND in the documents?

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  • 08/08/15--15:06: UEFI help, please
  • Hi. I just bought an XPS 13. I wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10 via USB. In order to do so, I had to enable Legacy booting. In the process, I completely wiped all factory-set partitions. Everything is working fine, except now I can't restore UEFI booting. After some research and if I'm understanding correctly, one of the partitions I deleted contained the EFI resources (oops). So, the questions I have are:

    1. Is there a way to restore UEFI booting as it currently stands?
    2. Does leaving Legacy booting enabled present that much of a security threat?
    3. Will the Backup CDs from Dell factory reset my computer (including BIOS settings)?
    4. Do the Backup CDs cost extra?

    I think I overestimated my tech skills and found myself way in over my head. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 08/08/15--20:51: Windows 7 download
  • Hi,

    I recently had to replace the hard drive on my Dell N5050. How can I get Windows 7 to re-install?



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    My Dell XPS 8500 has two hard drives. Windows 10 64 bits which I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 is installed on hard drive C. I want to install a fresh new copy (not a factory image) of Windows 7 on the second hard drive. I want to install Windows 7 through a bootable usb pen drive. I spent hours trying to boot my computer on the bootable usb drive but to no avail.

    I went to the bios to change the boot mode.

    Before trying to install Windows 7, my boot mode was:

    1st Boot Device:                UEFI: Windows Boot Manager

    2nd Boot Device:               USB: Storage Device

    3rd Boot Device:                Internal ODD Devices

    4th Boot Device:                USB Floppy Device

    5th Boot Device:                Outboard Nic Device


    and I placed the ‘USB: Storage Device’ in the 1st Boot Device, expecting that my pc will boot through the USB: Storage Device so that I will be able to install Windows 7 on the second hard drive. But it didn’t. It booted on Windows 10 again as if I didn’t do any changes to the boot mode.

    On my old pc I used to change my boot mode and I was able to install a new operating system through a DVD but on this computer, when I change the boot mode nothing happens.

    What should I do to install ‘Windows 7’ through my bootable usb pen drive on Drive D?

    Last Question: Why in my boot mode there is not my dvd drive listed? What can I do so that it will appear in the list?

    Please help. I want a dual boot on my pc but I’m stuck. I have searched on other forums and even saw videos on youtube. I have followed or at least tried to follow the instructions on how to change the boot mode but I wasn’t able.

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    My mom and I have the same Inspiron N5050 and I need to reinstall windows 7 to mine after I installed windows 10.  My laptop won't boot up so I can't do a factory reset, I usually use F8 but now I won't work.  I have my product number if that helps.  Thanks.  I'm really confused what to do now.

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  • 08/09/15--19:04: Dell
  • I would like to put windows in from my phone to pc

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    I have attempted to install the latest Dell drivers off the website and am not able to get this printer to function on my Mac. I have rebooted the system, power cycled the system and the printer and to no avail. 

    Nothing is working. 

    Is there a step that I am missing. I have even attempted to transfer all the files off the CD onto a flash drive, since this mac does not have a CD/DVD drive, that came with the printer to attempt to install. Still nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a special education teacher and I need this printer ASAP.

    Thank you in advanced. 

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    Hello, everyone.

    I would like to upgrade my old Dell Precision by replacing the original HDD with a SSD. I want to make a clean OS (Win7 SP1 Pro) installation, however I'm a bit concerned about its activation.

    The problem is that the original recovery DVDs have gone long ago, recovery partition seems to be missing as well (might have been deleted by the previous owner). If I just take another Win7 Pro image and use it to reinstall the system, will I be able to activate it? Will that make my Windows copy genuine?

    Thank you in advance.

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    We had just bought two DELL Server PowerEdge T430. it comes with Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Pre-install and also it came with the CDs. The CDs had no CDKEYs, they had only tracking ID.   The windows had been activated automatically..

    We had add Hyper-V and create 3 Virtual Servers.  We are not able to Activate Windows Server 2012 on the Virtual Servers,

    We get the error Code: 0xC004F07C

    The Software Licensing Service determined that the version of the Computer BIOS is invalid.

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  • 08/10/15--05:23: hi dell laptops
  • recently i bought  dell inspiron 5537  15 r , tell me what is status of my dell laptop. is this refurbished or new. is this 5th genration or 4th genration

    TAG NO IS <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>


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    I have the 25 dig key code for my Win 7 but for the life of me i can't find where to put it in on this site to download the files to a disc or USB.

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  • 08/10/15--10:18: WINDOWS UPDATE ;FIXIT
  • During August 2015 there has been 2 ordinary (not optional) updates/upgrades to windows 7.

    Both have failed.

    I found FIXIT through CHECKUP and ran this!

    It discovered some updates which were not right.

    Are these relevant for WINDOWS 7?

    Looking at INFO one of these is EXPERIMENTAL.

    CHECKUP still shows FIXIT. Should I run  it gain?


    The two upgrades were 'UPGRADE TOWINDOWS 10 HOME and QUANTA COMPUTERS ... WEBCAM

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    The HD failed in my dell inspiron laptop.  I purchased a new HD and now need to install windows 7.  Is this available as a download from the Dell support site. ??

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    Hello All, Hello Support,

    Dell Backup and Recovery software suggested to me that I upgrade to Windows 10. I like that idea.

    I checked my ultrabook on DELL website. Inspiron 7537 is Tested (Dell proudly says) so I should be able to upgrade my OS flawlessly.

    I made 2 attempts to upgrade to Windows 10, both failed in the same way.

    It goes through several stages but at a certain point a black screen stuck and only power button OFF makes the laptop do something (turn off). In both attempts after 2 restarts, the installation process reverted my operating system to Windows 8.1

    Why DELL say it is tested and I can upgrade - it proves otherwise - does not work.

    I would not be contacting DELL forums about this (because DELL support in my country told me this is Microsoft business)  IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE FACT that DELL'advertise' me Windows 10 and claims my laptop is ready to do the upgrade.

    Please assist and explain.

    Thank you all in advance.


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    Either this is the ol' Chaplin "Windows Scam",

    (Please visit the site to view this video)

    in which case, me so stooopid & congratz to you...  got me good [~]

    or there's an actual way to fix the F2, F12 keys usable so that I can boot from USB or DVD.

    If really no solution, this laptop is gone gone gone and done like a Pekin Duck and it's going to be the most expensive brick I ever paid for. Blimey, just a few months out of warranty

    Next laptop I buy, I swear I'll test the boot keys in the store before I even consider buying ..

    If anyone found a fix to the F2 & F12 keys, please post it. It would be so very helpful [S]

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    Hello Guys!!! i have a laptop alienware windows 7 home premium and my friend have formatted it so i lost my windows.... i need the link to download windows 7 home premium alienware, i have tried on microsoft but they told me to ask here ... so please help me...

    Thx a lot. 

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    Microsoft killed my computer when I tried to roll back from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 on my Inspiron 15z.   Microsoft told me this is a known problem and that my only remedy is to reinstall Windows.   I have the factory back up discs that I made but I don't know how to use them. One Dell article tells me that if I cannot access Dell Backup and recovery in Windows (which I can't as Windows won't boot), then I should be able to get into the Dell Backup and Recovery by clicking on F12 during start up.   However, Dell Backup and Recovery is not among the options afforded to me in this screen as it is shown in the Dell article.  

    So how do I reinstall Windows 8.1?  I do have a recovery drive which brings up an option to reset windows, but I don't have Windows 8.1 discs -- just the factory back up discs I made and disc I made of the 15z apps and drivers.   Can anyone provide me with help reinstalling Windows 8.1?   Many thanks.

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    Hi, my brother has an Optiplex 720 or 780, can't remember exactly. I just reformatted and reinstalled his Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit a week ago, and installed all the Windows Updates. Everything seemed good until yesterday when he says he went to use it and it was just a black screen with the mouse cursor. After checking the internet I found out that the explorer.exe process is missing from the Task Manager. I am able to start explorer.exe from the Task Manager myself, but how do I get Windows to do it like it should? There are no errors associated with the problem at all.

    Here is what I've already done:

    System Restore did not fix it.

    It does the same thing in safe mode.

    Video drivers are up according to Windows Update.

    In regedit, explorer.exe is beside Shell

    There was never any antiviruses installed on this install

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    what is this.i have no idea about drivers are not shows error

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