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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    My son rebuilt it it has windows Vista basic 32 bit. 250 GB memory .

    How can I upgrade from Vista to 8.1 ?

    Can you help me?  Can I buy a disc with keycode from Dell ?



    Michele Aloway Easterwood

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    What can I do about it? The install disk was purchased from dell online with a key. I cannot proceed beyond this black and white screen which says: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. This is an old machine that was running xp but is cleared to handle windows 7.

    Thank you

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    I've been having problems with my video adapter driver causing my PC to turn to a black screen upon entering (what's supposed to be) windows 7' login screen. Now I did a factory reset and I'm having the exact same problem. This time, however, I can't run in safe mode since it'll tell me it's preparing to setup windows and will continue upon restarting. It seems it cannot complete this in safe mode, so I can't disable the video driver causing the problem that way.

    Could anyone help me out on this? I figured maybe there's a way I can disable the driver without having to get past the login screen but I don't know if that's possible and if so; how?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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  • 03/12/17--21:17: error
  • plz tell me how to solve this error

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    Hey , I tried to install windows 7 but i have some problem "load driver"

    A requied CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disck, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive m please insert it now

    Note: If the windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive , you can safely Removie it for this step

    can any one help me with the problem ?

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  • 03/15/17--14:25: 100% disk
  • hi guys, i've Dell Vostro 15 3000 Series, i bought this 6 months ago.  lately my pc is very slow. i don't know why, but the disk is always 100%. you can help me? it depend on the disk?  if yes, how i can repair it? thanks and sorry for the bad english 

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    Just recently the M6300  hhas begun to be stupidly slow  after being on for a few minutes taking several seconds to respond to a key press.

    CPU usage shows 100%, considerable TCIP, but no wireless activity.   Scans show no malware.  Computer has (unsupported) win 7 annd that has been no problem for 2 years. 

    The only clue is that some service called Dell data vault service has been trying to load a driver.  Zonealarm blocked it, and the service was trying to load that driver every 2 seconds.  I don't know what Dell data vault service is, and don't want it.  It may be malware.

    The computer is unusable in this condition.   

    NO, win 7 is NOT the problem it has been trouble-free for 2 years.


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    The story is a little longer :

    - upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 - everything ok

    - used for a while with Windows 10, in good conditions

    - changed user, which wanted to reinstall Windows

    Reinstalled windows from scratch, using original Windows 8.1 installation DVD ; installation was ok, but Windows didn't recognized the authenticity of the software and ask for a valid key. The OS is OEM, so we don't have any key for Windows.

    Please help us to get Windows activated.


    George Dumitrescu

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  • 03/20/17--07:54: Laptop, HDD is full
  • I wish to inform you of my challenges working with a DELL laptop purchased in the US which specifications are as below:

    <service tag number provided was for an Optiplex 980 desktop, not a laptop?>

    HDD Capacity: 27.6 GB
    Free Space: 2.16GB

    I have installed Office 2013. The installed programs and Windows 10 updates have taken over the entire capacity to the extent that the laptop could crash anytime. Presently, I have stopped further updates of Windows 10 to save working space. I work from an external storage device. Please let me know what to do to alleviate the situation and also what to do to increase my working capacity. Counting on your usual co-operation and expedited action.

    Roland Q

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    I own a XPS L501 Laptop which runs on Windows 7 Home premium. The OS came installed and I don't have a backup disc. I want to do a fresh install on a new Hard drive.(Getting blue screen frequently!).

    I have tried the Microsoft site to download an iso image but I was told to contact the Manufacturer.

    I have the product Key from the sticker on the back of the laptop.

    Where can I download the iso or similar for a fresh install for DELL laptops?

    Can one of the DELL crowd help me out please? I desperately want to keep running Windows 7 in at least my laptop.:)

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    I'm using the Dell Key Creator I downloaded from Dell to do a Factory restore of Win 7 on my Inspiron 545s.  When I start the machine the screen freezes on the Dell logo and doesn't respond.

    Also, I have a friend's Inspiron 5010 which needs to be restored and I can't find the download section where I entered the service tag to get the correct key for his machine.

    Cheers in advance,


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    I downloaded a free version windows 10 like a lot of people, but I don't like how it works so i would like to reinstall my Windows 7 Premium Home edtion OS but I do not have a disc and it is an OEM install when i bought the Alienware x51. Its been longer then 3 months so the recovery option will not work. I have the key code off the sticker on the tower but i do not know how to or where to download a copy of my OEM version of windows 7. Can anyone help me?


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    Hoping to find some help here. We have two T3610 systems that were recently upgraded to Win10 Anniversary edition. Both are experiencing spontaneous reboots with no apparent pattern or cause. There is not warning, the screen goes black and they reboot. I have updated the video driver, BIOS, chipset and firmware. Windows Update is set to reboot only late in the evening. One was a clean install of Win10 and the other a standard upgrade. I did contact tech support but was told (rather rudely!) that since we upgraded to Win10 they could not help me as this falls outside of our basic warranty. Was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. Thanks!

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  • 03/23/17--01:13: Preparing automatic repair
  • My laptop Inspiron N5050 laptop is stuck in the preparing automatic repair loop.I checked online and tried to press Cntrl+F11 as it wasoffered as a solution by someone  but it just automatically  goes off while at it.I have run the diagnostic test but it says everything  is  fine.what can I do? I have seen a lot of posts regarding the same  problem but non of the solutions offered  seem to  work  for me.please help

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    Hello Guys! I'm New To Dell Community Here [:)] . I wanna ask a question regarding the WiFi problem in Dell N5050 Laptop.

    So, this laptop is actually a Ubuntu one but, I got this thing from my relative with Win 7 Home Premium x64 installed. All stuff are working fine.

    So one day, I installed Remix OS along with Win 7. In Remix, I get an notification showing "USB Drive is corrupt click to fix" and I clicked and formatted it as it said. Then, my hard drives disappeared in Remix.

    I felt weird and restarted my system. 

    And my system partition is gone. No OS in HDD. :(

    I checked all solutions and even through diagnostics, it said my HDD has no problems.

    So, I reinstalled Windows 7. This time I don't have a Win7 disc from Dell or anything official stuffrelated to that.  I've an Unofficial and Modified Windows 7 Eternity Disc. So I went through and installed it, which really was Win 7 Ulitmate x64 (No Service Pack)

    I had C: and E: drives now, there's only C:

    I installed all those drivers as said but the problem still stood with the wireless or the WiFi driver

    Ethernet/ wired connection is working fine, no problems at all. 

    So here's the problem:

    The WiFi driver goes through the setup and says like this:

    And then, it disappears. In device manager it also says, network adapter has no drivers. 

    When look the system info, it also says Model Number is to be filled by O.E.M and so, windows can't find drivers for my system.

    Also while installing Bluetooth drivers it says to "activate Bluetooth using wireless switch" and my wireless switch is already on and installation won't go on.

    Pls I need help!!! ASAP! :( It is a good lappy! Please Help!

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    Since my HDD got conked a few days back, I replaced it with a new one.
    How do install windows on this new drive? I do not have a recovery disk with me. 
    My laptop (Inspiron 15r 7520) came pre installed with windows 8, but it had upgraded to 8.1 - I hadn't upgraded to windows 10. 

    Can I simply download the windows 8.1 OS installer from Microsoft's website? From what I read, that  apparently does not work. What should I do instead??

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    I am having trouble with my windows installation after attempting to install windows 10 a second time on the same machine, but different partition.

    I have used a bootable USB device with the windows 10 installation (created with the same machine and the same settings for OS).

    After pressing F12 and selecting the USB as the boot device, i started the installation process and got to the stage where you select which drive / partition to install windows. But the list only contained the USB device i used to start the installation process, and the SSD did not appear when tried to refresh / reload drives (or unchecked the "hide incompatible drives" checkbox). 

    After canceling the installation process, i was met with the following message when rebooting windows:

    "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired.

    The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.

    File: \BCD

    Error code: 0x0000034

    You'll need to use recovery tools. If you dont have..."

    Before the error occured:

    I have tried many different things BEFORE i got to the step above where I was able to start the USB stick and consequently ended up with the error.

    However when the error occured the BIOS was reset to factory settings and i was able to log in to windows (and listen to spotify for an hour or so) before i tried the install that gave the error:

    • I tried installing windows 10 with a stick created from another computer. That time I got to the installation process. But when I tried to select a drive to install windows I got an an error saying the stick was MBR to install but the partition was GPT. So the drive was incompatible with windows (or something like that).

    • I tried installing the USB sitck with the program "Rufus" to partition it for compatability with GPT drives and UEFI BIOS. That did not work and the drive did not turn up in UEFI BIOS as a bootable device (not very relevant for the issue, but im including it just in case).

    • I tried setting a few settings in the UEFI BIOS in the hopes that it was just a settings issue:

      • I tried setting the SATA mode to AHCI (and changed it back to Raid On after testing without any issues occuring). Changing this gave me a warning however, saying i might have to reinstall the OS if i changed these settings, But the options i switched between (AHCI and Raid On) was apparently supported and should not cause an issue as far as i could understand from the warning.

      • I tried turning Secure Boot off (on and off a few times actually).

      • I tried to enable legacy boot to detect the installer USB stick.

      • I reset the BIOS to factory settings a few times (without it causing any issues for the booting process).
      • I tried reordering the boot sequence so that "Windows Boot Manager" was not on top, but the internal drive of the PC. This was also changed back and forth a few times without it causing any problems. I switched back the ordering before the problem occured.

    After the error occured:

    I can not see the "Windows Boot Manager" in the list of bootable devices anymore. Im guessing this is the main issue.

    I tried startup repair, system restore and system recovery image from the troubheshoot dialog on the USB stick, but i dont have an image and the restore / startup repair fails.

    The main SSD drive is still detected in the boot sequence (now on top). And it is also detected in the boot sequence UEFI interface.

    I did a Dell diagnostic scan of the system and it did not give me any errors with the hardware. Everything seems to work just fine (only got a warning that the power cable was not plugged in).

    I followed a guide after googling the red error text above and tried the following commands in the command prompt:

    Bootrec /fixmbr

    Bootrec /fixboot

    Bootrec /scanos

    Bootrec /rebuildbcd

    but no windows intallations are detected after running those commands. 

    Total identified Windows installations: 0


    So then i figured i would follow this guide: 

    to rebuild the bcd. But when i tried the first command: 

    bcdedit /export C:\bcdbackup

    I get an error saying: 

    The store export operation has failed.
    The requested system device cannot be found.

    And if i scan for disks (i thought the C letter might be wrong), i get two disks: C and X

    however running

    bcdedit /export X:\bcdbackup

    (with X instead of C) gives me the same error.

    This is as far as I have gotten. Maby i simply dont have a bcd device to back up? (i dont really know what that means). 


    1. Could this be an issue with the hardware?
      1. The installer shouldn't wipe the boot like that right? Specially since it was booting fine before the attempted install, and since i did not go through with the install (or even begin copying / modifying files). As far as I know windows 10 should suopport dual installations of windows on the same computer.

    2. Maby there is a driver for the SSD that I need to reinstall?
      1. In the windows installer I can load a driver if I understand it correctly, but I dont know what driver that should be. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.

    3. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do next?
      1. Go on with the BCD rebuid without the export perhaps? I dont know if that is risky or not.


    I dont expect to get my data back, all im hoping for is a clean install again.

    Thanks for any and all replies.

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  • 03/24/17--07:52: Inspirion 14 boot from USB
  • Hello,

    I have a Dell Inspirion 14 and trying to boot from USB

    In BIOS (F2) I set it to Legacy, with USB set to first option.

    After BIOS I go to boot options (F12) and here only show up

    Hard Disk


    and UEFI option.

    Where is the USB option?

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    I am a team member of Patient Assistance 123. I am using Dell laptop and getting blue screen error again and again. Is this software issue or hardware issue?

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