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Microsoft operating system discussion

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  • 07/25/16--12:02: Dell Windows Recovery Image
  • I'm trying to download a Dell Windows Recovery Image for my Dell 3542 laptop , but when i enter my service tag is says that

    "Recovery image not available for your Service Tag.
    Sorry, but a Dell Hosted Recovery Image is currently not available for the Service Tag that you entered. Please enter another Service Tag or contact Dell Technical Support for further assistance."

    Is there a fix fo that ?

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    My 3 month old Dell 9020 USFF crashed after 10 weeks.  2 1/2 weeks and 4 service technicians later I finally got an operating computer with an OS in it.   (win 7 pro).  Win 10 is not compatible with several of my programs.

    Now I need to find out how to recover my programs to the new drive. I though it would be wise to back everything up once I had everything set up the way I want it.  I used the Dell backup and recovery program to back up my system and my files onto 3 separate external hard drives.  Now Dell tells me their Dell backup and recovery program cannot recover my programs.  RIP OFF WARNING!!!!  Use someone else's software, Dell has gone into the toilet on quality.

    Can anyone tell me how to recover so I don't have to spend a week reinstalling software????   

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  • 07/27/16--22:03: repair and recovery
  • I purchased 3 new Dell PC's to replace Dell Vostro 460's.  I want to keep my Vostro as a backup but its become corrupted since installing windows 10.  I want to clean it and put it back to factory fresh but don't know the procedure to do that.... can somebody so advise the steps?  I want to clean everything off and re install the original OS that came with....or Windows 7 which I have the disk...

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

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    We bought a Latitude E5530 with Windows 7 ultimate (without CD) 3 years ago.

    My coworker wanted to install Ubuntu (dual boot) and I believed he accidentally deleted the recovery partition. Now that this coworker left the company, I would like to do a fresh install of Windows 7.

    When I boot the computer, I press F8 and select "repair computer". After selecting my keyboard layout and entering my password, there is no option "Dell Factory Image Restore". I can only see "startup repair", "system restore", "system image recovery", "windows memory diagnostic" and "command prompt".

    When I go to the Windows Media Backup page, I select "Dell Windows Recovery Image" and when I enter my Service Tag, it said "Recovery image not available for your Service Tag."

    What would be the best solution to do a fresh install of Windows 7?

    Here are the current partitions:

    • OEM 39 MB Healthy
    • RECOVERY 752 MB NTFS Healthy
    • OS (c:) 117 GB NTFS Healthy (boot,page file, crash dump, primary partition)
    • 14.60 GB Healthy (primary partition)
    • 165 GB Healthy (primary partition)

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  • 07/31/16--06:06: downgrade rights question
  • Hi I brought a laptop from the dell outlet and its coming with windows 10 pro and i would like to downgrade back to windows 7 pro 

    how do i do this ? i know how to install an os but do i request a key from MS or dell 

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  • 07/31/16--14:31: USB Audio
  • I recently purchased a Dell OptiPlex GX520. According to the ebay seller it has been factory refurbished.

    It has XP 64 Pro installed. I purchased this to operate an Icom PCR1500 radio. It works as promised with the following exception.....I can't get receive audio into the computer via USB.

    The internal speakers work, the computer plays store music, just nothing from the USB port. (I have tried 3 of the 6)

    Thanks for any help

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    I would like to restore my whole PC and delete everything off it so basically restore it to when I first got it..but for some reason when I try to click the opition  it will not allow me to do so. It is windows 10 and it says " there is a problem resetting your PC , no changes has been made " please

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    Hello guy as always i need your support...

    we have a Dell Precision T5810 Arrived with Three disk(2 TB ) Configured with RAID 5. My Boss asked me to install Windws 7 but i have some Issue.

    I'm installing Windows 7 with USB Stick, during the installation i need to install the driver to be able to read the disk. After Loading the drive i found 4 partition

    Disk 1 Part 1 ESP 500M

    Disk 1 Part 2 DIAGS 40GB

    Disk 1 Part 3 OS 2 GB

    Disk 1 Part 4 UNALLOCATED SPACE  3700 gb

    but is impossibile to install WIndows becasue this error:

    Windows cannot be installed to the this. The selected disk is of the GPT Partions.

    How can i fix and install Windows? 


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    I have an Inspiron 3847 desktop that's a little over a year old. I use it as a media server so it's on 24/7. There was a storm the other day that knocked out power. When I got back to the machine it was in Windows Recovery mode.

    The system came with windows 8.1 and I faithfully created a recovery DVD using Dell Backup & Recovery. I updated to Windows 10 very shortly after and updated Backup and Recovery and then my recovery media to a USB Flash Drive.

    I have tried using the Dell Recovery via the recovery mode. Neither option finds any problem and there are no advanced options available.

    The System Restore option tells me I need to choose which windows installation I want to restore but gives me know way that I know of to choose anything.

    The Reset This PC option tells me "The drive where Windows is installed is locked..." I am not using any sort of encryption.

    There is no boot to safe mode option and when I try to boot using the recovery flash drive I created it looks like it's trying to start Windows for a while then eventually pops up an error box that says, I kid you not, "IDS_DISK_NOT_ENOUGH_LARGE"

    My data and OS are segregated on different partitions/drives and I have backups everywhere so I'm not concerned if I have to start from scratch but the system just isn't letting me do anything. I haven't yet tried the original factory backup DVDs I created, that's my next step. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd use the original install media but I don't have any.


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    I was restricted from opening my mail item while I was working on Outlook. I am clueless about what to do. Please guide me!

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    hi i am getting a new laptop tomrrow and its coming with windows 10 pro and i would like windows 7 pro ,downgrade rights

    how do i get one 

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    On my Optiplex 7040, I am having issues running Dell Digital Delivery.

    When i try to start the program, I get the error "Dell Digital Delivery is currently upgrading itself. Please wait a minute and try again.

    I have waited for 2 hours and I still get the same error. I do have an internet connection. I let the computer sit overnight and same error. I tried restarting the computer and same error.

    I tried reinstalling the program, as well as installing older versions and I still get the same error.

    Has anyone else had this issue before?

    Thank You

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    I HAVE l702x Laptop running windows 7

    I am about to buy new Dell laptop running windows 10

    I have over 1000 files in my documents library in 6 locations

    Advised to transfer these using USB stick or possibly DVD (>) rather than 'transfer' (Laptop forum

    Could you give me explicit keystrokes to copy each library onto USB or DVD use Right Click Send_to DVD?

    and also the followup to transfer USB to new machine. I expect I would have to create folders and include in document library?

    I had seen something similar in searching Microsoft forum ...from USA university....but link no longer exists and I do not know how to tell the person what the problem is (as he/she suggested...sorry

    Many thanks

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    Id like to be able to save my favorites instead of having to go back to my history?Is this possible to do>?Any help would be much appreciated!

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    My XPS13 does not recognize my USB drive when I use the scheduled-backup window that appears when it is time for a backup. However, if I go to Control Panel > Backup and Recovery, it says Backup and Recovery (Windows 7) even though I have Windows 10. If I go ahead anyway and click Run Backup Now, it performs the backup.

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    I recently updated the bois on my Alienware x51 from 4 to 14(?) and the computer wouldn't allow me to login after it restarted, it asks for the computer to reboot and a proper boot device to be selected.

    I had to put my windows 8 install disk in and search for my windows key. I didnt have a windows 8 key (the computer was factory refurbished and bought from an authorised reseller, and I wasnt provided with a key.) So I bought windows 10 and tried installing that. It loads the files and accepts the product key. The computer then prompts me to remove the windows 10 usb, and restart the computer normally. The computer boots and asks to reboot and select the proper boot device, which restarts the process.

    With the other install option (custom install) I have the option to choose where to install windows, however none of the drives have enough room (I think, because I cant click next on any of them) and I'm unsure which, if any to format.

    I dont care about anything thats on the computer, I just want it working again. 

    Cheers for any help

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    I've just done the initial set up my OptiPlex 3040 and now want to do the upgrade from Win 7 pro to Win 10 pro using the OS disc supplied.

    Can anyone tell me how I do this? I've gone into the bios and set it so that the cd/dvd is the first boot device but only get as far as selecting the keyboard language before I run out of options. All I seem to be able to do after that is restore to Win 7 pro or restart the computer!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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  • 08/10/16--19:18: Inspiron 3558 Windows 7
  • I purchased an Inspiron 15 3558 with Windows 7 Professional. It took an act of congress to even get Windows 7. One sales agent said I needed a business name. He was going to do my name .LLC . I was going to do that and my father advised me not to. So I didn't I searched and searched for a Windows 7 model. Finally I got back on chat and luckly the right sales agent who was willing to make a sale got me set up with Windows 7. I did not want Windows 10 right yet because of some conflicts we would have. Anyway got the system and there was no Windows 7 Recovery DVD only a Windows 10. But Windows 7 was installed but no C.O.A for Windows 7 at all nowhere not even under the battery. About a week ago the system would not boot we have had it a few weeks. We haven't installed much so I decided to factory restore. I get to F8 repair then choose Factory Image. I get an error no image found. So I contact Dell to get a recovery sent. They told me I had to download the recovery. I was unable to download it. It took another act of congress to get them to agree to send me a Windows 7 DVD. Why is it so hard for them to send a recovery for an OS I paid for? Also they told me there was no drivers disk also there was no webcam software installed or DVD and burning software was not installed. Dell is really getting slack really slack they sound allot like Acer/Gateway these days stubborn and greedy. I got the OS DVD I am just concerned about the COA issue. Is this normal now? The invoice saids Windows 7 with Windows 10 License but there is no COA at all for either OS.

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    I have a Dell All in one which is 4+ years old.  Obviously out of warranty.  I use it very seldom, but  had a hard drive crash.  I have a new hard drive but now cannot find a way to download the operating system.  I'm told by both Dell and Microsoft that the system is too old for them to offer downloads! That's crazy. My computer is like new and I have others so I'm not interested in buying another computer now.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how or where I can find a copy of Windows 7 to download without having to buy one?  I do have a product key, but I don't remember ever getting a cd with the computer (I might have, but can't find one and don't remember one) .

    I would really appreciate any help with this.



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