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Microsoft operating system discussion

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  • 05/17/16--05:24: 1737 Studio Laptop Windows 7
  •  I am currently running vista 32 bit and am about to install windows 7 64 bit home premium on my studio 1737 laptop.  Does anyone who has done this already have any guidance or notes on doing this?  Also is it worth doing the free upgrade to windows 10 once 7 is installed?

    Any help would be very appreciated.


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  • 05/17/16--09:45: Lost windows Disk
  • I have lost my Windows 7 Home Premium software disk in a fire and looking for an option to install an operating system back on my studio xps computer! I still have the Product key

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    Dear All,

    I am having trouble with installing a clean OS on my machine which is Dell Latitude E7250, I spent three straight days to no avail on the issue that seems to be known :(

    This is what I did at first:

    I downloaded the Windows 7 PRO image from the drivers and downloads section, made a bootable USB drive and booted it, at which point I get one of the two errors:

    1. USB boots, shows that windows is loading files, presents a windows logo, opens a nice blue Windows background but the installation menu for Windows doesn‘t show up.

    2. Installation menu shows up but then asks for the required drivers in order to read the data from USB.

    ***Note: installation menu shows up every time if booting from an SD card but then stops at error number 2.

    This is the BIOS setup that I use to boot the drive: UEFI is off, Legacy Boot is on, Secure boot is off.

    This is the setup that I use for the USB drive: I think I have tried every possible combination of formatting and partition schemes.

    I did some research to find that the image provided may not have the required USB 3.0 drivers integrated and followed these instructions to get the right image:

    This extensive tutorial leads to downloading the same W7 image I have already experimented on.

    Then I tried to follow this tutorial:

    And then this:

    Both getting one of the two errors described above.

    I have also another two points to make:

    1. I have another E7250 laptop on which I tested the above solutions and got identical results

    2. I have successfully booted other images with different operating systems.

    There is another possibility… Dell system detect has to be ON to download the W7 image, maybe the image is specifically tailored to boot only on the exact same machine? And if so… This makes no sense on many different levels. How should I go around it if the system is bricked?

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    I have a new Optiplex 5040 for evaluation for customer rollout that is reporting approx 1G usable RAM less than our current Dell 7010's. Both system run win7 in 32bit mode.

    When I use device manager on the 5040, view->'Resources by connection' and select the memory tab, I note the at physical address A4000000 - 7FFFFFFF there is a PCI bus, but the intel HD graphics 530 mapped in this space starts at E0000000. 

    I'm concerned about the gap between A4000000 and E0000000 compared to what I see on a 7010 or 7020.

    Is it expected that HD Graphics card is mapped so far into the A4000000 range on a 32-bit system?

    Maybe the gap between A4000000 to E0000000 is expected, if so, Where has the extra 1G gone?

    Can I move the HD Graphics 530 closer to A4000000?

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.



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  • 05/18/16--11:58: os windows
    • Hi. HDD on my Dell inspirion m5040 was broken. I want to get windose distribution for reinstallation. How can i do this?

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  • 05/18/16--15:04: Office 2010 product key
  • I want to upgrade to Windows 10 however I need to have the product activation code for the Office 2010 that came with the computer and I activated on setup. I can not find the card with the code on, is there anyway I can find the code on the computer or do I have to ditch the software?

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  • 05/19/16--16:58: WIndows 7 reinstall
  • The hard drive in this desktop crashed and I want to reinstall Windows 7. I go through all the support links but it tells me there isn't an image download for my service tag. I guess since it's an older build.

    So how to I get the OS image or iso files to install it. I am the original purchaser and it shows up in my account info.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I do not like nor understand Windows 10. Please help me!

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    However I try to shut down my computer, via Windows button>Shut down or via power button, it shuts down, power light goes off. Only to restart almost instantly. First happened a few weeks ago and I spent hours searching the web and Microsoft support and trying out solutions. Hours online chat with their technical support. Ended up having to go back to factory settings (can't remember detail now - is that "refresh" Windows?) and start from scratch again. And now the same thing is happening again. Happened sometime in the last couple/few days. I am not a happy bunny.

    I'm not keen on reinstalling my apps and their settings, including my email settings in Outlook, yet again. Am hoping maybe someone here knows what is likely to have triggered it and what to do.

    Dell XPS 1300. Less than 4 months old. Windows 10. Anything else you need to know about it?

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    Hello everyone! Sadly my first post here is written under pretty bad circumstances.

    I am one of the many people whose systems (in my case a Precision 15 5510) were "automatically" upgraded to Windows 10 without warning, as Microsoft changed the status of Windows 10 from an 'optional update' to that of a 'reccommended update'.

    After the installation completed, I was presented with the EULA and selected the 'decline' option and Windows notified me that if I continue with this option it will 'attempt to re-install Windows 7' so I did that. After supposedly re-installing Windows 7, my system restarted and booted with the Windows 7 logo but before the login screen appeared I got a blue screen and the laptop restarted. This subsequently happened every time I attempted to start my laptop, except for when I tried to boot in safe mode (which it did successfully).

    I restarted the laptop, pressed F8 and selected the Repair option and the Dell Backup and Recovery option after that. I selected the drive I want to backup (C:) from the menu and was notified to insert a Flash Drive or a SD card that has more than 43GB free. I inserted a 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SanDisk Extreme, which is meant to be really fast) and clicked 'Next'. Dell Backup and Recovery has since been stuck on the next screen which says "Backing up your data and Dell Backup and Recovery settings" with the progress bar just flashing by rather than actually showing any progress. This has been happening for the last 4-5 hours.

    Any ideas what is happening and what I should do/what my options are?

    In case it helps this is my set-up:

    Dell Precision M5510
    CPU: Core i7 6820HQ (2.70GHz)
    Hard Drives: 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB 5400RPM
    RAM:16GB DDR4 - 2133MHz

    All help is appreciated! Many thanks,


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     I have a MX17 R3 where I had to replace the hard drive - I have my drivers I believe working, but when I went to my dell downloads I get Microsoft.Net  message - it has deducted one form my available downloads - not happy about this.  What do I need to do?

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    The bottom row of icons is hidden by email.

    Similarly top row of desktop

    What has happened.

    Nothing dramatic done by me

    Windows 7 laptop

    Needed to go to top right Black partial row to get minimialose x for close etc

    Help please

    Internet explorer

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    I have a problem with my Precision 5510.When I try to restore the Windows 7 to Factory Settings through the Windows Recovery Environment (F8 command), and I select Repair Your Computer, but Windows 7 normally starts without giving me any choice for recovery.

    I have checked the partition set to recover, it is present and hasn't been deleted. I have also checked the folder through path  C:\Windows\system32\systempropertiesadvanced.exe, and I can see that the System Recovery and Backup is in, but if I find the System Recovery and Backup in All Programs through Start, there isn't.

    I tried to reinstall the software System Restore and Backup, by downloading it through the Dell support, but it doesn't work, telling me the Windows Environment is missing.

    How can I fix this problem? Is it possible that this error has been caused by the replacement of the motherboard? Or do I have to reinstall the OS from external media?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • 05/23/16--06:35: Driver for Win XP Dell T1700
  • Dear all,

    i just bought PC Dell T1700 with win 8 last month,

    Can you please help me to find driver for my PC, because i want to use win xp sp3.

    Thank you

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    Hi everybody,

    So today I installed an update of PowerDVD 12, but now I can't play any Blu-rays. So I wanted to download an earlier version from My Dell Downloads, but I can't access it because it says "service tag not supported". What should I do? I have an Alienware x51 R2. Thank in advance and sorry for the bad English. 

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  • 05/23/16--16:36: NEWBIE NEEDS HELP PLEASE
  • Does anyone have the original installation disc that was shipped with the Alienware Aurora M9700 laptop?

    New HDD, need all software and drivers. Many thanks.

    If affirmative I will PM my contact details.

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  • 05/23/16--17:07: SM BUS CONTROLLES DRIVERS
  • I had to do a complete reinstallment  of the os and drivers from the CD that came with  the Dell 530 desk top but seems to not be able drivers for sm bus controller came anyone help me with this. I went to intel ,microsoft, and others trying to find them but no luck. any help is appreciated.

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  • 05/24/16--04:56: Dell Studio 1737 Windows 10
  • I have a Studio 1737 laptop running windows 7 64 bit home premium, i know windows 10 is not supported for this model laptop but I was wondering if anyone has tried installing windows 10 on one of these and what the problems are if any.

    Many Thanks


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    I am unable to run MS Outlook as I get the following error - "Outlook cannot log on.  Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name.  The Microsoft Exchange information service in your profile is missing required information.  Modify your profile to ensure that you are using the correct Microsoft Exchange information service."  We had a virus early on in our PC and ever since the virus was cleaned we've been unable to get Outlook to run.  We've updated to Windows 10 and to Office 2016, with no help.  Thank you.

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    I want to install Windows 8 on my Inspiron 14z 5423 laptop. I lost the recovery driver. But my real question is can I use the serial number on the envelope of the  cd drivers that comes with the notebook to validate the operating system? What is the correct version of Windows that I need that fits to this key? On the specs when I bought it, says that the computer had installed Windows 8 x64, so it's not Windows 8 pro or enterprise? (other Window's versions according to

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