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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    Just want to make sure, because Microsoft wont allow OEM product keys to download the Windows image from their page.

    But if I find the install/repair disc, I won't have problems with my product ID and the fresh install of windows,right?


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  • 12/27/15--10:16: new hdd & windows 7
  • hello

    i have a stupid question. i have to install a new hdd but do not have the windows cd (i have a serial number). where do i reinstall windows 7 from? i have a dell xps 8500

    thanks for your great help

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    I plan to upgrade to Win10 but first I want to install an SSD to run my current OS, Win8.1.  My question is whether the following plan will work:

    I have a Dell XPS 8700 running Win 8.1 with Office 2013.  I plan to install a 480 Gb Sata III drive, then use my USB recovery key to install Win8 on the SSD.  (I made the recovery key when I first acquired the XPS over a year ago.)  Then I hope to run the OS off the SSD for a while, then install Win 10.

    Will this approach do what I expect for Win 8.1?

    Will my other SW (Office, other apps) be able to run from my original disk?  Or will they be transferred to the SSD from the recovery key?

    Any advice on what might go wrong?  I would appreciate any thoughts.

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  • 12/28/15--06:44: Windows 7 install iso
  • Hello,

    I have an XPS 15Z that had a HDD with "Windows(R) 7 Home Prem OA" but the HDD crashed.

    I bought a new one but impossible to find the Windows' version that matches the key I have..

    On Microsoft website : 

    They tell us to ask you the iso file.. so here I am ;p

    Thanks in advance,


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  • 12/28/15--17:41: Missing Ethernet Drivers
  • Hello,

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. One day it got stuck in airplane mode and would not change. After this I decided to revert back to Windows 7 through CD installation. The reboot went smoothly, but is missing all the ethernet drivers from it. They are the ones listed below.

    Ethernet Controller
    Network Controller
    PCI Simple Communications Controller
    SM Bus Controller
    USB2.0 - CRW

    I do not know where to find these drivers. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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    Hi there - how do I obtain upgrade assistant DVD?

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    just bought 4 inspiron 3650's with Win10pro preinstalled. For business applications, I require win8.1pro to be installed on the machines. Microsoft (and Dell) claim to grnat the right to downgrade the pro version of Win10 to Win8.1 pro (what I need)

    Is there someone with the right procedure to do so? I am calling dell and Microsoft every day without success :-(


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    I rolled back from Win 10 to Win 7 on my Latitude 3550.  Rolling back was an adventure but I managed to do so and everything seems working fine. 

    However, the "repair your computer" option in the advanced startup option is gone.  Also, I couldn't install "Dell backup and recovery" because there is no windows recovery environment on the laptop. 

    I do see the "recovery partition" on the HDD.  How do I access the option to restore my laptop to its factory setting?

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    I'm having a local guy do some maintenance on my computer which originally came with WIndows 7 Home Premium.  I had done the Windows 10 upgrade and thought I might want to return to Win 7.  He says my machine is showing a Windows key for Vista rather than 7.  Is that possible?

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    Windows 10 is not booting on my Inspiron 546 desktop.  I ran the diagnostics at startup and it said all of he hardware passed.  After trying many times to boot off of the hard drive, I booted from a Windows 10 VD.  After booting from this DVD I had the choice of an "upgrade" or a "custom" installation.  When I hose the "upgrade" option I got the following message:  "The computer started using the Windows installation media.  Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally.  Then insert the installation media and restart the upgrade."  I can't use this option because Windows will not start "normally."  I tried the "custom" option as well and received the information in the capture below.   It seemed odd that there were several partitions but I tried to install on all of the partitions but none were successful.  Any suggestions on how to resolve this? 

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    was happened 8 months ago, I did bought alienware x51 desk, at that time I was not in used of Microsoft office, and now when I was going to use It saying that my trial had been expired.

    was that my x51 didn't include Microsoft office full version from the time I buying or?

    any way to get Microsoft full version on my x51 ?

    am really tired of seeing those expired.

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    Hello. Strange problem here which occurs (so far) only on the new E7450 model laptops with DDPE installed. Only tried with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed.

    • The laptop completely freezes up and must be cold powered off when I use the F8 method to get to the safe mode. It gets to the safe mode option menu but locks up. Hitting the caps lock button does not toggle the LED, no action at all in the laptop. Must cold power off at this point.
    • Using the booting into safe mode method from MSCONFIG does work and the laptop does boot to safe mode normally.
    • Safe mode F8 method works fine after I disable DDPE and remove the Pre-Boot Authentication Environmnent (PBA)

    Anybody else getting this combination of DDPE/E7450/F8 safemode, or have any answers from Dell support? 


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    My very old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements stopped working a few days ago.  It worked fine ever since I installed it on my XPS 8300, but now all I see on the screen is a little rotating arrow.

    I'm wondering if an automatic Microsoft patch caused it not to work - being that the version I have may be about 10 years old.  Is it possible that the patch caused Windows 7 not to support that version of Photoshop?

    I would try to reinstall Photo Shop Elements, but I can't seem to find the disc right now.

    I tried a system restore, but for some strange reason System Restore isn't working either (error 0xc0000022). 

    Anyone have ideas re the Photo Shop and the System Restore problems?



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    Hi to all!

    I have had some problems with the drivers of my Dell Inspiron 3537 and I need to update them.So I would like you to tell me which is the best drivers update program for Dell Inspiron!I have tried many drivers update programs,but I think that I haven't found the true one!So please tell me for the best drivers update program ,but to be especially for Dell Inspiron laptops!There is no matter if it is free or paid!

    p.s My os is Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit!

    Thanks to all in advance!!!

    Best regards!

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    Hiya--On startup my Dell Vostro 220s running Windows 7 displays the login screen briefly, and then goes black.  When I hit F2 or F12 ALL of the boot options are in brackets and disabled.  I've found helpful material on how to change the order of boot options but nothing on how to change them from disabled to ENabled.  It seems none of the system restore/repair/go back to factory image fixes will work because none of the media will boot. 

    I'd appreciate help on any way to ENable boot devices that can help get back to a windows operating system.  DISabling them was ez/pz' enabling them--not so much.

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    I purchased a used Inspiron Mini 10. It now has Windows 7 on it and Microsoft word. It is running very slow. Looking at the label on the bottom of this computer it appears to have come with Windows XP. I was wondering if there is any way I could get to go back to running on Windows XP. If I was able to do this would my computer run faster. Would I lose the Word program that I now have on my computer. I do not have the disks for Windows XP. I also do not have a place to put CD's or DVDs in. Do you know if this computer came with Microsoft word program or some type of external CD or DVD player. Can anyone give me any suggestions for making my computer run faster on the internet. The person that sold me the Computer told me that he was a computer technician and that this computer was all cleaned up before he sold it to me and that I should not have any problems with the computer. I would welcome any suggestions that you are able to give me. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I really would welcome any suggestions.

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    I bought my daughter a new laptop for Christmas and am using her old one. Her old one is assigned/attached to her username and password and I want to change this so it is tied to me now because when she makes changes on her new computer it also changes some things on her old laptop. How do I go about changing the set up on the laptop so it no longer recognizes her as the "owner" of the laptop. Do I have to do a factory restore to completely start from scratch with the set up or is there some other way that I am totally overlooking. I was looking around this past weekend after I upgraded to Windows 10 and am not sure where exactly to look. Thanks.

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  • 01/04/16--12:40: DELL INSP 5720
  • Dell digital isn't helping me. I just need to find the software to create an original image withn office 10...



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    I reinstalled Windows 7 after an inadvertent Windows 10 update using a factory disc. I also reloaded drivers and utilities using the supplied disc. Everything works as before except I cannot connect to the wifi. The only option I get is a broadband connection. Any ideas?

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  • 01/06/16--04:41: DELL RECOVERY PARTITION
  • Dear Sirs:

    HDD of my Inspiron N5110 is damaged, for this reason I would like to reinstall Factory OS (Windows 7), and clone the disk to a new HD.

    I tried with "Repair Your Computer Menu" from Advanced Boot Options menu (F12) but nothing happens with this command, Windows is unable to link  with Dell Recovery Partition.

    Datasafe program is also unable to link with and open the factory image file on reboot

    I tried unsuccesfully to look at  the image files the Recovery Partition, since all the folders are "locked" and I cannot find the right file.

    I tried with ATTRIB in order to makeall  files in the folder visible, and also checked "total control" boxes  permissions to users and administrators  in the Recovery folder security tag, but all files remain hidden.

    When I try to explore the folder with Explorer appears a DELL Warning in blue color informing that "this section contain files that will be used by datasafe.t ...... do not modify or delete these files....any change in the partition can avoid a recovery in a future"

    No matter how many clicks I give with mouse, files do not show, (may be explorer is corrupted since it closes every now an then).

    Please help me to access the recovery image file in order I can use another alternative to recover Original OS. (EASY BCD 2.3)

    Thanks in advance

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