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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I am using Yahoo email with windows 7

    I accidently had left the 'remember me;' on Username - password prompt

    It does not work as I had thought it should (my fault entirely)

    Is it possible to unset it so Iit asks for username & password again

    Any idea when BT EMAIL will replace Yahoo?

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    Hi, I have an Inspiron 1545 with Windows7 and I'm trying to create a recovery USB stick in the event the system has a problem. When running the DataSafe Local Backup application, the main screen says it can't locate the Recovery partition. When clicking Backup, then Create System Recovery Media, the "discs" and "USB Flash Drive" options are greyed out.

    If I look at Disk Management, the RECOVERY partition exists and is "healthy".

    What can I do to build the recovery media?

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    I just bought the XPS 8900 desktop.

    Was supposed to come with windows 10 but when it boots it is windows 7 pro sp1.

    So I replaced the drive with a samsung 500GB ssd.

    Booted from my windows 7 ultimate cd to install.

    Went through the steps 1 through 2

    1. Copying windows files
    2. Expanding windows files
    3. Installing features
    4. Installing updates
    5. Completing installation

    Then I get an error screen saying that the drive is not found.

    What am I missing here ?

    How can I install my copy of windows on a new drive ?

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    Please it is very important, because is my work tool.

    I have an Inspiron 1545, with the time it became slower, then stop to work the letters a, s, d, j, k, l, I´ve notice that all this letters are from the same file, tried to clean the keyboard, and nothing, between this, windows offer me an upgrade to windows 10, which I accepted very happy. My updates goes well, everything without troubles, but when I tried to update to windows 10, it send me an error. Tried by all the ways and nothing, between this, the laptop became slowest until the point that nothing could be installed.

    I´ve made a backup with Dell recovery tools.

    Tried to reinstall backup and nothing. Tried to make a factory reset and now have an infinite loop in the symbol of Dell when appears this options:

    f2 setup y f12 boot options.

    Before this I used f8, or other functions keys, now only works f2 y f12.

    With USB windows repair disc, windows 7 install disc, etc it gives me this message :

    "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem :

    1. Insert your windows installation disk (It doesn´t came with the Inspiron)

    2. Choose your language......

    3. Click "repair your...............   etc

    If you don´t have this disc, contact your system administrator (MICROSOFT) or computer manufacturer (DELL) for asistance.


    File : \Boot\BCD

    Status : 0xc0000225

    info : An error ocurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

    Waiting your answer...


    PD: I will post this same thread in Microsoft community forum.

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    So I took the Card reader out of a non working Dell XPS 700 Series Desktop that was running XP Pro and wired it up to a USB Cable and plugged it into my new Alien Ware Desktop running Win 7 Ultimate. the PC sees the drive but since theres no drivers or software, it doesn't recognize it. When I ty to install the drivers for it, I cant because its not the correct version of windows.. is there a fix or way to get this working? id actually love to have this be able to pug in and use it on a few different machines. thanks

    Oh the reader is the HY306. Its the Teac CAB200


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    I've searching for it, but can't seem to find anything.

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    I live in the united states.

    I am not getting the 'November Update' for windows 10. Also known as threshold 2. 

    I go check for updates and I have none? Do I need to go and 'Get Insider Builds' to get it? also, is it safe to do on my personal laptop? I am pretty tech savvy and I know how to reinstall windows if any thing did go wrong. But Will that happen? I dont really want to lose all of my data and apps. 

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    I have reinstalled Windows7 and now the system can no longer find the installed network adapter.  I believe I need to reinstall some drivers but since I cannot get to the internet I have to download them on a different machine and copy, etc.  My question is can I download the drivers without Dell scanning my system?  I also want to make sure that they do not automatically install on my system. Is there a way to do this?

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    I was in Dell data recovery (not in windows already, but from the boot'd beggining), and the external HD I was using to do a factory restore was taken off, in the system restore process, and the computer, shut down,

    Now, when doing the same steps, an error pops up at preparing disc, in the system restore process. it reads: There was an error during the data copy from your restoring media. Please verify your restoration media, reinsert it and select reboot with factory configurations, in advanced options (Translated from PT by myself, so, the EN version may be different.)

    But, when doing that, the same error appears.

    Please, help. What should I do?

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  • 11/15/15--10:31: Luis Val
  • Hello everyone wanted to upgrade my laptop dell N5110 as it is home premium and I would like to upgrade to Ultimate q please help me.

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  • 11/16/15--08:00: Windows 7 Activation Issue
  • Well, it had to happen.  The hard drive on my Windows 7 x64 system went belly up.  So I have reinstalled Windows 7 x64 on a new hard drive.  Now, almost thirty days later - it is saying my copy of Windows 7 x64 is not genuine.  So I went on line and tried several of the things that were suggested but none of the have worked.  I need to re-activate my copy of Windows 7 x64.  How do I go about doing it?

    The system was installed from a Dell Windows 7 x64 CD/DVD.  So there isn't a number to use.  At least I did not think there was one until I found it in the Control-Panel->System file. So I can produce that on demand.

    I have also tried downloading the Genuine Activation program - did not work.  The activation update software - did not work.  Even tried the SLGMR (I think I typed that correctly but maybe not) with the -REARM option - didn't work.  Someone said to get rid of KB971033 - tried that - did not work so I put it back.

    Any ideas?  Do I have to call Microsoft and step through the activation over the phone?  Give me a hint.  Thanks! :-)

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    I have an Alienware M17x R4 with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). For the past couple of months, suddenly the "Windows 7 not genuine" message has started coming up. I have tried all the tips and tricks provided in various forums (reinstall Intel IRST drivers, copy this file from here to there, rearm etc.) but no luck.

    I suspect this started after I reinstalled Windows because I changed one of the faulty hard drives. I have two 500 GB HDDs in RAID 0. The hard drive change was done as part of the service request that I had raised with Dell. Along with the HDD, the DVD drive and speakers were also changed by the Dell representative. Please note the new parts were also provided by Dell. The Windows reinstallation was done using the Dell Windows reinstallation DVD provided through the same service request. Even all the drivers were installed under Dell's guidance over phone.

    Can anyone please suggest what other options I can try to have my already genuine Windows validated as genuine?

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    I've recently installed Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Tool. This created program group Dell\Dell Data Protection\Encryption in my start menu. Now I am trying to remove the SW from my Laptop and can't figure out how to do it.

    DDP Encryption is not shown in Control Panel --> Programs and Features, neither Uninstall command is available in shell menu. 

    When I try to run installer for a second time, I get the 'Following components are installed: (list). Please uninstall them before running the installation'

    I have Dell Lattitude E7440, Windows 7

    Did anyone have same problems? Any ideas how to uninstall the software?


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    I am looking for the ISO file to rebuild my laptop on a new HDD. I have the key but not the ISO. Where can I download the ISO x18-82072?

    Is this something you have available for user?

    Thank you

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    Hi, i'm looking to unlock all the BIOS settings for InsydeH2O 5.0 BIOS. I need to access the chipset congifuration in advanced settings, but it's hidden.

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    I'm setting up a Dell VRTX with dual controllers, with the blades running Windows 2012 R2.  Under Hard Disk Management in Windows I see two identical volumes for the one volume that I created in the VRTX. Why is this happening ? Did I do something wrong?

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    I have just bought a new Inspiron 15 5100 with running Ubuntu with the plan of installing Win 7 which I have a DVD for.

    I found that my new machine has no DVD drive so I made a USB with the Win 7 .iso

    I have wiped the hard drive, created new partition, fixed MBR and am getting to a point in the Win 7 installation process where it is asking me for missing device drivers. I have downloaded all drivers on for my machine and put on another USB stick but I cannot browse to them during the installation process. So I don't even know if I have the required drivers or not.

    Can anyone help please? I'm sure someone else has successfully installed Win 7 over an Ubuntu installation. If so please let me know if you had similar problems and how you got past them.

    Please help if you have. Thank you.

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    This computer, Service Tag: removed is having issues operating. I'd like to do a fresh install of the OS.

    I find a way to do so off a recovery partition nor do I know if there is one. Could you tell me how do take these actions? If I actually can?

    If not, could you tell me if the processor is 32 or 64 bit? My solution would be to purchase Windows 10 but through the support page, I could not tell what processor this system has.

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  • 11/21/15--18:23: will not accept password
  • Brand new Inspiron 15 laptop. Got it going, got password set, let it go to sleep, now it won't accept the password so I can't even get it started. Did not make a backup. What do I do?

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    I recently made the mistake of messing with the disk partitions on my dell 14z with the 500gb SATA and 32gb SSD. After that the Intel Rapid Storage stopped working. I thought a windows 10 restore might help the problem but really it didnt fix the partitions. 

    I tried to get some dell recovery disks however I am now out of warranty and not sure how to bring my Dell back to its absolute original state. This originally came with Windows 8 and I completed the win10 upgrade. I am hoping someone can give some insight on a completely fresh setup of my Dell Inspiron 14z.

    Thanks in advanced!

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