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Microsoft operating system discussion

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    I need help I received a dell laptop it needed a restore to factory settings soo I ordered a dell operating system disk and reformatted now when t try to restore I get advapi32.dll can't be found

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    How do I fix this

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    My Dell computer had Windows 7 pre-installed when I purchased it last year.  I recently installed Windows 10, decided I didn't like it and tried to revert to Windows 7 within the 30 day trial period.

    Unfortunately in an effort to resolve issues I had running Windows 10, I ran an AVG PC Tune-Up which may have deleted the files that I needed to restore as part of the trial and I couldn't revert back.

    I re-installed Windows 7 using the supplied CD, and downloaded all the drivers for my computer using the Service Tag recommended drivers from the website.  The initial Windows 7 install appears to work, but when I try to install the first of the drivers (Dell Update Package), it crashes with a message "The update installer operation is unsuccessful", and a view installation log link (which I can't understand).

    I now have several versions of the windows.old folder on my computer, and I can't delete the later ones due to "permission" errors.  I thought I was installing Windows as an Administrator?

    Obviously all my files/programs were wiped during the re-install, but any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong would be welcome? 

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    I have a used Dell Optiplex 990. It came with a 32 bit version of Win 7 installed. I need to reinstall Win 7 with a new hard drive. I've added RAM (12 GB). If I install Windows using a Dell Win 7 Pro restore disc, will my existing Windows key activate it?

    Thank you.

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  • 09/10/15--13:28: Repair Installation
  • I have Win 7 Professional SP1 running on a Dell Inspiron.

    Is there any way at all of doing a repair install? I am aware that MS have closed down the Digital River ISO downloads and I know, having tried it, that the so-called MS alternative, Microsoft Products Recovery, will not work with Dell PCs. Is there any way at all (apart from buying a retail version of the OS) of doing a repair install?

    The point is that I have had my PC since 2010 and I've put a massive amount of time and effort into getting it as I want it. Using the Dell recovery partition would be an act of supreme desperation. Even just reinstalling all the programs I have installed over the years would be an exhausting task. And adding all the tweaks and adjustments that I have had to make would be soul-destroying. I try to keep notes of what I've done but there's a limit to what you can do.

    And what really annoys me is that once upon a time the PC manufacturers such as Dell would supply a full copy of the OS - Dell did when I bought a PC with XP on it. When I bought my last PC with Win 7 on it I would have been prepared to pay a reasonable price for a full copy on disc of the OS but Dell would not do this.

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    Dell inspiron n-5110 ,OS-Windows 7 home premium

    Service tag - <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    express service code- <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>.

    My laptop gets struck and it is in that state only with left side fan releasing heat .one time it gets shut down showing the msg with blue screen  'to prevent ur system getting damage it gets shutdown  &  blue screen error 0x0000007E  it showed'. pls Suggest solution for this....

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just upgraded a Dimension E520 from Windows Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 Home Prem. Since the upgrade, the PC seems to be spontaneously rebooting with regularity. I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor first and it found no conflicts. I've done a complete hardware diag. and also no problems. It seems to be fine when booting into safe-mode, but before I go picking through MSCONFIG, I was just wondering if this was a known issue or if there were any specific drivers that need updating?

    I thank you in advance for any and all advice. [:)]

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    I purchased an Inspiron 15-5558 with Windows 10 pre-installed and tried to request backup and recovery discs using below link however I get an error message stating "An automated media dispatch is not currently avalible. Please contact technical support for help with replacement media." How do I go able requesting the backup media from Dell?

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    I need to format my dell N5010 laptop, but my laptop doesn't respond to any of the key presses F8 / F10 / F12 at the time of system start up. Hence every time i try to launch the bootable disc, my system just starts normally and I am not able to get into the window which could enable me to format my laptop.

    What should I do now to format my laptop?




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    i have lost my windows cd and i have already formatted my laptop so there is no seperate partition for recovery . I am unable to chat to any technical support (saying invalid service tag). I want to know how i can request for a backup windows 7 disk .

    I belong to India so i cant request from the general form you all have for US ,Canada etc.

    Service Tag removed per privacy policy.

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  • 09/13/15--02:20: Windows' serial key lost
  • I had Genuine Windows 7 in my Dell Inspiron, The serial key of windows printed on the sticker below the laptop is lost due to changing the damaged outer cover of the system. Now, my hard disk has crashed and I don't have a serial number of my windows. How do I get the key to install windows on my new hard disk?

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    I recently purchased M18x R2 (alienware) notebook in good used condition. Installed W7 for a fresh OS and very quickly realised that is not the way to do things with this brand.

    I am now up a certain creek!

    Can anyone help me acquire a USB Recovery Key for my M18x R2 notebook pretty please?

    Kind regards,


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    I can not get passed the boot manager screen without the OS disk. I went to Microsoft web site to see I  could download it there and put in the key that the site instructed. So, that did not work and Microsoft referred me to contact my manufacturer. I called Dell support and gave them my tag number and we went through some diagnostics and all hardware looked ok. I know I should of made backup disks for my computer, I know big mistake! I was informed my warranty was over and they would provide backup disks, OS disk, 1 year support for $129.00. That was not what I was asking for at all! I just needed the OS disk so I can proceed pass the boot manager screen. Soon the supervisor was on the line with me and had the same discussion but, made an offer for $89.00 for the same deal. I'm still not pleased because I bought windows 7 with the computer and have the product key and Dell support will not send me OS disk without paying a hefty price for it.

    The main reason I'm in this situation is because I didn't create any backup recovery. Other reason, I bought an SSD to go along with my 1tb HDD and cloned the information from HDD to SSD. Everything went well until I changed SATA Mode from Raid to AHCI. AHCI mode didn't recognize the HDD because there was already a partition on it, so I deleted it. Note, I did switch back to RAID in the BIOS so I could go into computer management to delete the partition. Also, went into the registry to change the values msachi to 0 and atapi to 0 before I went back to BIOS again to change back to AHCI mode. So, when I booted up the computer again it sent me to the boot manager screen. I do have all my files on the SSD but no OS on it. Is there a way I can recover the files from the SSD? if I do a fresh install on the HDD could I recover the files from the SSD then? Just trying to figure out what shoulf I do next since Dell support will not ship me the OS Disk without shelling out a lot of money for it!

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    I have  a Dell Inspiron 660.  Windows 8 has not been installing automatic updates for awhile, although I did not notice.  When I finally noticed, I tried to manually update to 8.1 (and then I would update to 10, if I could get to 8.1 first.)

    I have tried the Microsoft System Update Readiness Tool from Microsoft and it didn't change anything.  I eventually figured out that the OS is corrupt.  I tried a Refresh AND Reset through Windows, in both regular and Safe mode.  Those both result in error code 80070490, and all forums on that point me back to the System Update Readiness Tool, which as I mentioned, didn't work.

    So then I tried using Dell Backup and Recovery.  It gets as far as telling me it will put my pc back to its factory settings, I tell it ok, it seems to seem like it is going to do what I told it, and it restarts.  But when it restarts, nothing has changed.  

    All system diagnostics show no hardware failures.

    I seem doomed to be stuck in Windows 8 with no Updates forever....need some more leads on a fix...not ready to give up even though I've already spent 6 hours...

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    I have tried the win 10 upgrade from 8.1 twice. Both times I found that wi-fi does not work properly. It apparently turns itself off every time I turn it on. the5423 model is supposed to work with win 10 according to Dell web site, but wi-fi does not work. Any fixes from Dell or Microsoft yet?

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    Hi , I am trying to copy files from windows xp pc to dell rs 730 server which is running on windows 2003 sp2. every 1.5 secs i am trying to copy file.

    after some time ( some times within hour some times after 6 or 7 hours) i am seeing some buch of files are not copied with error 64.

    Can you please let me know what can be the problem and how to solve it

    Thanks in advance

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    According to Chris at Dell, "Per the FAQ on the Windows 10 board, regrettably, there will not be any concrete data until 7/29/15.

    OK--it's now September 14, 2015 and I still can't find anything from Dell about upgrading to Windows 10 when this message from Microsoft appears on my computer--as it has on thousands (apparently) of other Dell owners. 

    Is there an answer, or isn't there?

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    I have looked everywhere but every link is either broken or setting off mysecurity software. I have the product key. Just need to reinstall it as, despite a factory reset my old HDD isn't getting along with my new MOBO

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  • 09/16/15--09:20: Help! Windows 8.1 corrupted
  • Hi,

    I recently bought a 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4210U. It was running on windows 8.1 and somehow it got corrupted. Now when I go to recovery it doesn't have an image as it was only purchased last week and barely used. It had windows in it already but I don't think I have any way to reinstall it because it doesn't have a CD of course.
    Please guide me as to what to do in such a situation.


    Hassan Rashid

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    A few months ago, my XPS L521X (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit) had some issues with a few applications, so I did a factory recovery.

    All seemed to work properly until a month or so ago, and then I started having issues with some of the drivers installed/updated.

    I've been trying to do another factory recovery, but the recovery partition doesn't seem to be recognized, although it is shown in the Disk Management.

    Using a system recovery CD (created prior to the first factory recovery) didn't help as well.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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